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Universe Mode Thread

Jeb ★

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I'm just hoping that 2k22 knocks my socks off and gives us the ultimate Universe Mode. I'm sick of setting up a rivalry and the AI making it so that the rivals are set up to face each other every week. I end up going in there and editing that, since I don't typically like my rivals facing off with one another more than a few times during even the longest and most heated of rivalries. I admittedly have stuck to 2k19 for the time being, every time I go back to 2k20, I am getting into groove and then it crashes. I feel like if 2k22 is anywhere near what 2k20 should have been, this discussion board will come back alive.... until then, I'm sticking to 2k19 and my all-CAW universe mode and just editing every match of each show, as stated above.

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So how *censored*ed is this mode? I'm tired of seeing the same Raw/SD/PPV sets so I'm thinking of starting my own Universe finally. Haven't touched this mode in a couple years, but at first glance, some of the new options are kinda cool. Like having 7 titles on one show if I wanted lol

Already got my own titles, weekly show and my first PPV arena made. Might expand on more brands later but for now I wanna keep it simple.

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