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what is it you need some assistance on friend ? Youtube has some awesome CAW tutorials:


seen here, as Oz's brother 3x, did some body morphing videos for one of the past smackdown games that helped me out alot as well. I think that was in 2k 17 or 18 CAW tutorial though.

Thank you. I'm just never good at making attires or tattoos. Which makes my caws basic

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Here's a technique I use which can really depend on what type of design we're going for. Say I want to do a cool design for the eyes.


First I open Paint on my computer. Yes, the free one that comes with the computer.


Now because I'm not good at proportions I use this technique.


I draw a straight line down the middle and the shape of one side to the right of the line...





Then fill it with red for example...




Then turn the background black...






Then I head over to pixlr.com and open the image in that....




Then select the wand tool (I think it's called that)




Then with that tool selected I click the image which will give you this...




Then in the edit menu I click Invert Selection, then copy and then paste.


Then here's what I do next...








Follow those steps and it removes the background and gives you the outline of the shape...




Then in Corel Paintshop Pro X8 I open that image in that and duplicate it then mirror it and bring both images together and we have...




Then I just go to the 2k19 site and sign in with my PSN and put this type of image in the game. Then I can use it for things like the eye visor in this...







So yeah that's how I do it.


And once you know this you can use this technique to create all kinds of striking designs...



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