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WWE2K15 My Career CAW's


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I saw online a list of the MyCareer CAW's that are in the game elsewhere.


On the list were these names.


Barron Blade
El Hondero
Flash Silva
Ray Rich
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Tommy Wall
Zeus Tucker



I know of all but one, Rodrigo Gonzalez I haven't seen any images or video of this CAW and what it looks like. Anyone have any images or video of this CAW in question, as my nephew who got WWE2K19 wants all the MyCareer CAW's from 2K15 and 2K18 in his Universe Mode as jobbers, I've looked up trying to find a image of what this CAW looks like and haven't found anything.


Anyone know of what this CAW looks like or have video and images of this CAW so my nephew can make the CAW in WWE2K19?

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