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Celebrity CAWS by CivilSpy2425176 - Updated - KATE UPTON now added - Images uploaded here!

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I make celebrity caws and would be grateful of feedback and requests! My username on Xbox is CivilSpy2425176

I am currently a Bronze rank creator but hopefully I can obtain a higher rank so I can upload more of my creations!

If anyone has any tips just let me know, thanks.

Here are a list of some of the celebrity caws I have made - currently only 5 of these are available for download as i only have 5 upload slots at the moment.
To find my Caws search for my Kate Upton (tags include - model, Kate, Upton, actress) CAW then click to View Content by this creator - my username on Xbox One is CivilSpy2425176.

My CAWS currently available for download are -

* KATE UPTON - American model/Actress
* CHERYL COLE - British Pop star
* KIMBERLEY WALSH - British Pop star
* DAENERYS TARGARYEN - Game of Thrones character

And I also have a caw of Jessamyn Duke from NXT uploaded

The other CAWS I have made that I don't have space to upload include -

Nicola Roberts - British Pop star
Sarah Harding - British Pop star
Nadine Coyle - British Pop star
Katy Perry - American Pop star
Rachel Riley - British TV presenter
Kate Middleton - British Royalty
Pippa Middleton - British Royalty
Megan Markle - British Royalty/ American actress
Taylor Swift - American Pop star

If you would like to see any of my Caws that have not been uploaded then contact me on here. :)

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Available for download - tags include - model, Kate, Upton, actress


Feedback is welcome! :)









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