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[PS4] Lights Out, Red Zone, Neon Fastlane & Gold Royal Rumble

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Messing with Lighting and just having fun, Putting these up for more to test, Customize and just have fun with



#Lights Out #WWE #Dark

The spotlight, which I can't seem to figure out how to turn off gives it a sin city type look, So not perfectly dark but still testing



#Red #Red Zone

Again the spotlight Grr, But kinda fun to play around with.



#FastLane #WWE #Fast

This is the best way I have found to do neon, by basically using the darkest shades of black as a backdrop then Using any shape or letter with the same dark shade and outlining with a bright vibrant color, Looks very cool while in play



#Royal Rumble #Royal #Gold

I really like the way this looks, and the lighting does give it a nice feeling. Enjoy,Test out, Game On.

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