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Miscellaneous CAW Community (Feedbacks and WIPs for Everyone Character's)

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So I know it's getting less and less this year with showing off creations and what not, so I thought I'd make a thread for everyone here in this community to show off any of your creations. Cheers guys. :)

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I have a few of my own creations to share most of these are in online federations tbh.


Ishtar Basara (also known as simply Jasmine)


Finishers: Diving Meteora, Pop-Up Meteora

Signatures: Running Kick, Moonsault Attack


Nicknames: The Desert Rose




Carlos Corvo


Finishers: Forearm Smash Combo, Springboard Swiss Uppercut

Signatures: Women's Right 1, Wheelbarrow Stunner


Nicknames: The Knock Out Kid, The Chilean Sensation, The Bout Machine.





Richard Corvo


Finishers: Double Axe Handle 5, Middle Rope Elbow Drop 1

Signatures: Mounted Palm Strikes, Reverse Chokeslam 1


Nicknames: The Chilean Brute





Ethan Gates


Finishers: Roundhouse Kick 11, Sidewinder Suplex

Signatures: Fisherman Driver 3, Arm Wrench Dropkick


Nicknames: The Dragon





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