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Fight Me.

Jeff Jarrett Wants His Name Back

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As part of an ongoing legal battle, Jeff Jarrett is trying to win back the rights to his own name and likeness from Anthem Sports & Entertainment the parent company of IMPACT.


According to PWInsider, Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment filed an amended lawsuit on February 22 against Anthem. Jarrett and GFE had initially filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Anthem in August 18 over the use of Global Force Wrestlings Amped series, which was acquired by the company when they took ownership of Impact Wrestling from Dixie Carter.


Heres a few interesting details from the amended lawsuit:


The lawsuit included a response from Anthem dated 11/30/18 in which they claim the sixteen one-hour Episodes of Global Force Wrestling Amped content sought in this question no longer exist. It was deleted in the normal course of business, long prior to the onset of this litigation, in order to free up storage space on Anthem Wrestlings systems.

In a declaration, Anthems Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm explains Anthem Wrestling was formed in order to acquire the assets of an entity called TNA Entertainment LLC, when Fight Media foreclosed on certain loans to that entity.

Jarrett is now requesting a ruling that will cancel IMPACTs trademark on his name and hand the rights back to him. Jarrett was recently hired to work as a backstage producer for WWE, so this ruling would make it easier for them to manufacture Jeff Jarrett action figures and include his likeness in video games/other media.

In case the judge needs a reminder Thats J-EDoubleF, J-A-Double-R, E-Double-T!



Impact wild if true about them deleting all the episodes of GFW Amped. :lol:

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He was just on WWE using his name tho.

Well, yeah, but he can't make any money with it. WWE can't put him in any games or make figures of him if they wanted.

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