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I lost my cousin, her husband and their unborn child to a drunk driver. So yeah, *Censored* anyone who does it. You deserve punishment.


@ RyderFan, you say *Censored* Jimmy Uso if you want. Dont listen to these guys who are shitting on you for it, you know why you said it. You dont need to explain yourself to them.



I thought it was obvious why RyderFan was saying that, even.


How exactly does the DUI law work in the US?

Shittily overall, sadly, but it depends on the state. Lowkey wish we threw people in jail if they were at least 1.5x over the limit and if they got into an accident, take away their car and license.


So...he was doing 86 in a 45, was swerving between lanes, had red droopy eyes, was slurring his speech, and was unbalanced in walking. Not one of those cases where someone is a bit over the limit and driving irratically. This dude is really trying to kill himself and others...

Holy shit... I hope his colleagues beat him down for this or something because that's just dumb as *Censored*

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No point in PMing when you're just going to backpeddle.

I have no need to backpedal when I stated why I responded to his post that way. Nice to see you haven't changed even though you made a thread about it.

You got called out on your bullshit Ziggy, get over it. No need to bring up other shit that has nothing to do with whats going on, just makes you look petty and like all youre doing is trying to insult people.


RyderFan expresses his distaste for someone who caused a criminal offence and was endangering other people. He did not deserve you singling him out like you did. What you did was get a load of this guy, other people look how dumb this comment was. Say you were joking all you want, you still did it. No excuses for reacting that way to his post regarding THIS subject.


So maybe I havent changed. Or maybe I have. I am sticking up for RyderFan after all.

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Jesus Christ dude


1. I when I said I joke with RyderFan when others bag on him, I didn't mean this situation. If you actually read my posts after I understood why he said *Censored* Jimmy, you'll see that there was nothing to be taken as a joke. Who tf would see anything funny about this? Yeah memes are out there and stuff, but ain't nothing funny about someone committing a reckless act that could hurt others or themselves.


2. Don't turn me into the enemy here, you know damn well I ain't the type to be a dickhead towards others. Maybe you forgot though.


3. He *censored*ing understood why I said what I said and in turn I understood why he came off like he did. If he believes me or not. that's on him. Only reason why I was "singling him out" as you put it was because I was wondering where his aggression came from since I haven't seen it or noticed it in the past with other DUI incidents regarding Jimmy, Jey, both Hardys, Sunny, Santino,etc even though it was personal. I would've wondered the same for anyone else btw. Just read for *Censored* sake. The situation was done anyway till you and Bushy jumped in. You're really trying to turn this whole thing into something that it's not and it ain't working.


4. You should be the last person to talk about someone being petty, but since you see me as, remove that avatar and stay the *Censored* out of my avatar shop. Tried to be nothing but nice and really figured you grew up in how you came at folks, but nope. Like I said, you or anyone else wanna continue this, hit the PM unless anyone thinks imma backpedal. This is WWE Drama, not CAWs Drama. Not trying to fill the thread up with unnecessary shit.

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...I think I got one.

Wrestling Historian.


Yeah, your results will be heavily edited to be biased towards the WWE, but generally speaking...you will watch several decades worth of wrestling from all sorts of promotion be paid for it. Overall that role would have very little to do with the WWE work itself and rather you would be "the guy to call" in case of video packages or WWE.com articles. Like...I'm pretty sure that the AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton feud was done that way. In the past Dave Meltzer had been on the payroll for that, but obviously that is no longer the case. So I'm pretty sure the WWE has some people hired just for that


Also...working in the WWE Warehouse, away from all the drama

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