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On 7/25/2022 at 7:34 PM, Generations said:


Samoa Joe, Claudio, Malakai Black, Athena, Ruby, Toni Storm, Adam Cole, Fish, O'Reilly, Swerve, Nese, Keith Lee, Andrade, Bryan Danielson, Jeff Hardy, Christian...etc.

I mean...I know it's kinda your thing to be contradictory. But...did you sleep through the past year of wrestling?

Bryan is legitimately the only loss in this list tbh. 

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32 minutes ago, The Nerd said:

I am. I really am.

Have to chime in and agree. The rest of them were just spokes on the wheel. Bryan was an actual major player in the WWE system. Jeff Hardy had his day too but he can’t get out of his own way. A lot of these guys’ AEW runs just expose how cringey they are. 

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6 minutes ago, M3J said:

Why would she tell Randy about that, and why before he's about to go out? 

You underestimate the strangeness of the wrestling business in general. Didn’t Randy used to put his penis on Cena’s shoulder in the locker room as a joke? I wasn’t there but I’ve heard weirder so I believe it.

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Last November during the WWE draft, then "Raw" Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and then "Smackdown" Women's Champion Becky Lynch engaged in a segment where, due to the women being drafted to the opposite brand of their title, they would simply switch titles. However, there was nothing simple about the switch, as in the middle of the segment, Lynch reached for Flair's belt and while doing so, Flair ended up dropping it. Flair picked up the title, but this led Lynch to visible frustration and she wound up throwing the "SmackDown" Women's Championship at Flair.

"You've got two women that want to be the best, that want to be that top spot," 13-time Women's Champion Charlotte Flair said while on Steve Austin's "The Broken Skull Sessions." "I wish I could sit here and tell you that I did it on purpose, but if people need me to be that bad guy, I'll be that bad guy. Things happen onscreen."


"I would never go on a scripted television show and purposely do something on purpose. It was accidental."

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Guest Fight Me.

He wants to call Duke Hudson a nobody, bro you were stuck on 205 Live for the longest time and then shit the bed on your AEW TV debut lol

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