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WWE Drama

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Hogan being antivaxx like he wasn't juicing like his life depended on it during the 80's 💀 not to mention claiming Betty White died because of the vaccine

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6 minutes ago, Lunchbox said:

Yeah ok big womens run in AEW🤣

Not a big stretch, Edge also confirmed he had talks with AEW before he returned. He even said it in his WWE doc.

TK gets excited about signing *censored*ing Big Show, you think he wouldn't want Lita (who can still probably go)? Lol

Edited by Fight Me.

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The uproar over their statement is so silly. They’re against people slicing their foreheads open and it’s been like that for 15 years. The only thing I can think of that contradicts their statement are incidents like Lesnar elbowing Orton’s head and Owens headbutting Vince. Stuff like the clearly fake Fiend dummy being burned, the fake eye gouge, and Becky’s bleeding nose are not good counters to their statement. The first two examples were theatrics and the latter was an accident which doesn’t really fit their self-mutilation description.

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