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WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

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La Magistral is in as a leverage pin.

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La Magistral is in as a leverage pin.

Alright I figured as much. I just don't remember the animation for it.

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Is the state of 2K20 such a mess that were skipping the 2K21 wishlist? Just wondering.


No but instead of custom music, gm mode, story designer, and etc.


It will be just a hope for a game as a stable as 2k19 with a roster udate. And it probably will be concern a win if that happens.


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I think my wishlish is that the game actually phacking works.


If I had to actually ask for something new in 2K21, I'd say unlike 2K19 & 2K20, when they call it a "MyCareer" make it actually a MyCareer. Allow me to go after my own titles, my own stables. If I want to join U.E. let me, if I want to join New Day, let me. These BS "MyCareers" where you follow a Buzz from 2K19 or Red & Tre from 2K20. If you are going to let me have a story out of it, don't make it so phacking cookie cutter. I'm not saying I don't want a story, I'm saying don't call it a MyCareer if its like NBA's Prelude thingy.

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They can just do a branching gimmick within the story where you can join a stable/faction, similar to when Buzz and Cole invaded NXT and cosplayed as DX or old school wrestlers. I personally would prefer a solo female main character story. I think thats the female mycareer people had in mind. Ive just been gathering ideas since 2K19. I refuse to give up or go heel on the team just because it was a bad year. In return, stick withcha boy and lets get this money. Lol

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WWE 2K21 concept/ideas
ECW Special Edition featuring 2 arenas, 5 playable superstars (Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Marcus Cor Von), collector's case, alternating autographed 8x10 of NXT superstars, a pack of WWE trading cards, WWE SuperCard code, some sort of ECW memorabilia, etc.

Preorder Superstar: CM Punk

Preorder Celebrity: Cardi B.

Playlist curated by Metallica

Hardys Showcase:


Hardy Boyz Showcase that continually branches out into both of their solo runs and ends with them returning at Mania for the ladder match. They had several solo runs each and kept coming back together. They had Team Xtreme with Lita. Theres a lot of meat there, I feel. Could be a long and enjoyable showcase full of great content and memorable matches. Having the Mania return match Jeff without the facepaint (the one we have this year) can stay in as an alternate attire, since Im guessing hes gonna have facepaint for 2K20. Wonder which one its gonna be..

I can see the obvious TLC matches being in a Hardys showcase, maybe a match from when they had the mesh tops and what not...with Gangrel or Terri Runnels or something. I see a Team Xtreme match or two with that entrance coming back. Solo stuff like Jeff's ladder match with Taker, so we can get that old short-haired Here Comes The Pain Jeff back in a game....some Matt Hardy Version 1...the 2005 Matt Hardy return feud with Edge... Jeff coming back in 2006 and facing Edge... Jeff's world title feud against Randy Orton, where he went waaaaaay up in the air and Swanton Bombed on Orton from January 08. That and a lot more they can do


MyCareer starring solo female protagonist :


Women's MyCareer. This is gonna be big. Everyone's going to want to play it. Everyone thought 2K19 was gonna be the year, but then again, nobody who wasn't in-the-know could've possibly seen this game coming. lol. But alas, we're talking about the next game and that's what people want. So what do I want? Going on the style of the current Story mode, I'd like our female MyPlayer to do a shot or two in Japan for a joshi promotion. I would like Meiko Satomura in the game to be the "final boss" champion for this joshi promotion. I want it to be a sort of thing where you come in and end up facing Meiko Satomura for her title at this promotion's big event. A special touch would be if they could somehow get WWE's Japanese commentators to do voiceover work just for this match. The most ambitious part of this whole idea is that my favorite smaller venue is KBS Hall in Kyoto. The in-game camera angle would lend itself perfectly to this....there's the ring, a few rows of people, and that huge, beautiful stained glass in the back. That's my wish. Female MyPlayer goes to Japan and faces Meiko Satomura for a title at KBS Hall. MyPlayer girl loses, but then meets her again in the semifinals of the Mae Young Classic and finally overcomes Meiko (automatic Legend difficulty) to get to Toni Storm in the finals.

I had this idea in mind of my female MyPlayer and female Cole Quinn actually being friends in their homebase indy promotion, you win indy tag titles and stuff and support eachother as you both pay your dues, but then she's involved in a car crash, just as both of them are about take part in the Mae Young Classic. Your whole journey then becomes just as much about her as yourself, and you take us, the players/viewers, on this really emotional journey. It's a mode that a lot of females are gonna excitedly play, so you gotta hit everyone with a massive case of the feels somewhere in the story, if ya can. The girl recovers eventually after a year or so, meets you in NXT or WWE or wherever you are, and attacks you. It's revealed she's harbored this intense hate and jealousy towards all the success you had and she didn't and boom, you get to hate this bitch for a little while. lol Just an idea of where to go, I dunno...do with that what you will...


Million Dollar Challenge Tower: Rise Of The New Day

In Backstage Brawls, the ability to exit the arena and battle out in front of it ala SYM/HCTP

The ability to drag bodies on top of eachother and perform running ground attack or diving attacks onto the pile

Should be able to perform Carry moves onto an opponent who is already laying on the ground, Example HERE

Submission Magician special ability where you can string 2 submission sequences together (small list of newly animation chain submissions where one seamlessly goes into another when opponent breaks free)

Kevin Owens' backbreaker: HERE

Kacy Catanzaro's spinning lungblower HERE

Audience slow-clapping during rest holds

Electric Chair Canadian Destroyer tag move: HERE

When you copy a caw into a separate slot, should be able to activate it or have it recognized as an alternate attire

Standing SSP as a running ground strike

Hit Combo Payback (explained later)

Stunned feature (think GTA 'high' or Fight Night Champion stun):
There was a spot in Adam Cole vs Akira Tozawa (EVOVE 10th anniv) where Cole pulls Tozawa from the top rope and Tozawa hits his head. It got me thinking there should be a stunned effect where your head is in the red and throbbing, slowly fading back to normal, if it isn't red already. Maybe you drunkenly stagger about a bit, like being drunk/high in GTA. Maybe the damaged player's screen becomes shaky or blurry for a few seconds and reversals are locked, so there's no way out of the receiving the next move or 2 or 3. It's important to implement this feature in a way that doesn't feel like it's making light of concussions. For concept, look at being drunk/high in GTA 5, getting stunned in Fight Night Champion before a knockdown, and/or rumbling your opponent's screen/controller during free throws in NBA2K.

Continuous running of ropes until exhaustion (hooking the rope should be manual)

Outside dives via R3 toggle:

High fliers do a myriad of different dives these days. I thought, instead of square, the dives could switch over to toggling R3 [up, down, left or right] as we're about the hit the ropes. That gives us an opportunity to assign 4 different outside dives. Now THAT's how you streamline a control.

Bayley sunset flip into ladder from MITB 2019

Spanish fly and sunset powerbomb spots from MITB 2019

King Of The Ropes payback:


So I've had a 2K21 wishlist up and running for a few months now. lol. Nothing really spectacular yet, I don't think...but probably my favorite thing so far is a Payback called King Of The Ropes. Speed is increased by about 8.5%. Running takes zero stamnina. Regular dives, springboard dives, any moves done off the ropes take zero stamina. When you climb the top rope, you can toggle to either side and activate a mini-game where you can tightrope-walk to the center of the top rope and perform a move from there, into the ring or to the outside. Reversing certain moves [when close to the ropes] like a back body drop or a hip toss can result in your feet landing on the second rope, where you can either press the strike button and perform a springboard attack, or press L1 and quickly get off the ropes, before the opponent attacks you. I guess the opponent staggers for a second, not knowing what just happened, like they just got crossed over in an And1 Mixtape. They're talking about finally doing away with 205, and so I don't know what the future holds for all those guys. Maybe getting something attached to Gran Metallik out in the open is better for me to do now than later.


Attires can be uploaded into a category of their own on Community Creations (think Sims Mall)

Should be able to hit suicide dive from awkward angles and have opponent react accordingly

Ability to switch Pin Combo ON or OFF from move to move when editing movesets

Weight detection for suicide dives because many big men do it now

Another idea...not sure if was mentioned before in topic by someone else, but Fortnite added a thing I like...

SUPPORT A CREATOR. I can't believe I never thought of this! Maybe it just wasn't really time. Nevertheless, you should be able to go to any creator's gamertag or profile in Community Creations, press a button, and get a window with the $1, $5, $10, $20 options (minimum one dollar equivalent in the creator's native currency, so people can't be trolls) and comment section so creators can not only see that someone has donated, but maybe get a nice message along with it and feel good about what they do. I'm thinking of Dre41, I'm thinking of ryeedee, I'm thinking even of Dumeka, E37, Wolfgang, Bhangra, everyone but myself...I don't think I'll make a dime off this concept, but this is really something that could ignite a spark in the community. I see more positive in this than not. With all the #GiveCawCreatorsAChance hooplah, this is really, really something to take into consideration.. :)

GM Mode Universe collaboration with Adam Ryland and Grey Dog Software:

Even if GM Mode isn't a thing this year..now that more and more of the game is being worked on in the States, and it's a contractor situation, I wonder if they've ever considered hooking up with the Grey Dog Software people to give us the most mindblowing GM/Booking Simulation-style mode possible, integrated with the live action aspects of Universe. I mean, eliminate some of the edgy stuff (arrests, deaths, drug policy violations) and they've got everything a wrestling fanbase could ever want, as they've been developing this highly detailed product ever since I was a teenager atleast. Just wondering if the Mega Powers could ever form, in that aspect. To be a fly on the wall during that creative process...

Yeah, it's unlikely, but I think wrestling fans would flip if a collab of some sort did happen. It's interesting that people have gotten tired at times of playing the THQ/2K product of years past and resorted to this text-based sim because it's so much fun and so detailed. Ever since joining the GDS team, he's had to release games full of original characters and people just end up downloading the "Real World updates" with actual wrestlers anyway, so imagine if he developed a version with the 2K team for the game with actual WWE wrestlers right off the bat. Seems like it'd be a nice payday for both parties. Would require a more intricate Personality Trait system too which I would be over the moon about, if it actually affected gameplay AND the way they behave in GM Mode. A slightly watered-down TEW integrated with a GM Mode/Brand Split Universe would be a hell of a thing to immerse oneself in all year.[/size]

Big E gets his own straps down taunt

Dives from atop the steps, ala Naomi's Blockbuster: HERE

Hockey stick as a weapon

WWE Reimagined Showcases concept:

They only did it with Taker vs. Sting I believe, but I instantly it'd lend itself great to Showcases. Ideas include NWO vs DX, Taker vs Sting, Austin vs Goldberg, Charlotte vs Chyna, Asuka vs Bull Nakano, AJ Lee vs Becky Lynch

Your MyPlayer can train at the PC gym to slowly get attributes up without VC. Process is much slower, though. You can compete in a PC Combine and get rewards and a lot of VC if you rank highly in events.

Eddie Guerrero chair spot

Better chair reversals, like rolling to the side and the chair smacking the canvas, causing the catalyst to sell pain in the wrists/hands and drop the chair. I'm just tired of the same old weapon reversal animations. And for some, like the baseball bat, you don't even get time to hit an offensive maneuver after reversing a weapon strike.

There should be OMG finisher(s) for every weapon on the wheel

I always turn off the replay after finisher. I think it slows down gameplay, in the sense that you wanna go straight for the pin. The replay takes away that sense of urgency and makes for an anticlimactic finish, even if you do get the pinfall victory. Picture-in-picture replays are where it's at, but only for OMG moves and outside dives. We don't really need to see a finisher until post-match replays, if those are even still turned on. I turn those off too.

Option to have commentary on or off.....also the option to have stock music playing during matches.

Personality Traits/Combat Tendencies:

Remember like the first two Smackdown games? They had this Personality Trait system where there was this long list of traits and you had to choose like 5 for your custom superstar. I was too young to see or notice any way in which they actually affected gameplay or the specific way that each person fought, but imagine taking that system and, instead, producing this long list of combat tendencies. Like an advanced, more detailed and more helpful cross between the Hit Point Ratio and current Personality Trait concepts that almost nobody fully understands anyway. I need to find a video at some point of what I'm talking about. As others have said, as of 2K19, the way the Personality Traits and Hit Point Ratios are set up still don't affect AI in any kind of exciting and revolutionary way. Maybe simply choosing 5 or 6 things out of a long list of fight style tendencies could make a world of difference and create a completely unique experience from person to person, as almost nobody will have the exact same combination of tendencies. If your finisher is, say, an armbar, then the trait that said person favors body part isolation of the arms would come in handy as part of their list of traits. Man, I feel like I just discovered this whole new world now. I could go on. lol. For all I know, maybe it's already handled this year in a much more clever way.

Edit- Here it is: https://youtu.be/8YPI2Z-PmXk?t=737

When you do pull-back attacks/grapples close to the ropes, the opponent should hit the ropes before coming back and taking the attack

Alternating 'Holy shit' chants. Fans can also chant 'Mamma Mia!' in the NXT arena and 'Yowie Wowie!' during Fiend matches

Taunts from the top of the ladder. Adam Cole should have an "Adam Cole Baybay" taunt from the top of any structure, just because it's funny.

It happens the same every time. Bell rings, and here comes a running attack. Running attacks should be disabled somehow in the first few seconds of a match atleast. Not sure how to do it smoothly without people bitching.

Different lock-up styles. Did a strong strike forearm into a lockup and it looked cool. More like the way some women lockup where they raise one of their legs to make it look more forceful.

Chain sequences should have an actual payoff that isn't just you pushing the opponent or vice versa

Imagine Chyna being as groundbreaking in the game as she was in real life and being selectable against both women and men.[/size]

As they still need to hone commentary to be smarter about when to refer to someone as a he or she, I thought something to think about for the future would be to include gender assignment in Create A Superstar, so commentary could behave accordingly, regardless of which gender base you used to create someone. I dont know if that would cause commentary as a whole to go sort of haywire (Mixed Match Challenge matches will be the judge of that)...just something small I thought of awhile back and wasnt really worth holding on to forever. Lol



Better, violent table-breaking noises


Crowd is everything. Big moves, OMG, misses, taunts, pre-lockup chants for big matches with wrestlers looking at the crowd, etc. Everything big should have big and great crowd reactions.


Ability to turn Entrances off in Towers like we can in Exhibiton


Make arena-specific props interactive or usable as weapons. For example, the Halloween Havoc head is something a super heavyweight like Braun should be able to pick up and hit an opponent with. Should be exclusive to Super/Ultra Heavyweights


24/7 Matches and 24/7 Title Matches:




I was washing some dishes before bed and I got this whole vision in my head of 24/7 title matches, assuming it's still a thing going into the next release. Of course, you'd be able to defend it in any normal match type. A fun twist would be that every exhibition match that you set as a 24/7 title match would be full of random run ins if you haven't turned them off in Options. As long as there aren't 8 wrestlers in the match to begin with, you always run the risk of a run-in during the match and the amount is random every time, and any of them can pin or submit you. Maybe during someone's entrance, mid-match, post-match, all of the above, never know. Keeps you on your toes.

Now, there will be separate specific 24/7 Match (the main thing I thought about), where we sort of bring back Free Roam of years past. You can only select your own wrestler or whomever the current champ is; the challengers will be completely random every time. You start out somewhere backstage. You walk/run around, people are just kind of doing different things, but as soon as they spot you, shit's on. Could create an avenue for a bunch of funny ass cutscenes of how people interject themselves into the action. To pull this off, it would be best if we could have 8-man backstage brawl action. It would be shades of the classic Hardcore Time Limit matches or Champion Scrambles, where chaos ensues and everyone is fighting eachother but ultimately, if you have the belt, you're the one that needs to get pinned. You set the time limit, and everytime a Superstar gets KO'd, as the action continues, another person finds their way into the action and it's just all-out mayhem. You run and 7 people run after you. Wild. lol. A funny ass easter egg would be, if you make it out to the ring area, if one of the commentators leave their table and joins in on the match.

Anyway yeah, I think that's a fairly good note to check out on until like September. Maybe it has legs, but probably just gibberish.






There was a conversation in the Discussion topic some time ago where someone was I guess complaining about legends getting any attention this year whatsoever. But it got me thinking and I had jotted this down, back whenever that was..

I love any and all legends we get in the game, but it's also a boom period for wrestling around the globe and this year's roster of current talent has some insane potential for what we might get. That being said, now that Hogan is back in the games, something that's never been done before [and could be cool for the future] would be a Showcase of the WWE title's early history, from Bruno beating Rogers up to when Hogan beat Sheik for it. Would add a whole slew of legends to the mix who have almost never been in these games. Would also educate fans on how far back the company really goes and all the "top guys" who paved the way for this title to be as prestigious as it was, still is, and always will be.

Then it ends with Hogan winning the belt and a video package explaining how that man and this moment in time pretty much set the table that everyone is eating off of, to this day. Could even get fun side matches along the way that I'll mention later. As wrestling is in a boom period and there's almost too much great stuff to keep up with now for younger fans to go out of their way to watch old stuff like we did as kids, it couldn't be a main showcase...it would have to be like a side showcase or even DLC...but I'm never opposed to Legends if the models are near perfection.

Match list would look like so:

[Video package explaining history of the NWA territory split and Buddy Rogers becoming inaugural champion. Segue into arrival of Bruno Sammartino]

**= controlled by player

1. Buddy Rogers vs. Bruno Sammartino** (1963 Madison Square Garden) *match was short in actuality, but we can just play a normal match and hear about the Bear Hug/Backbreaker in the video afterward)

2. Bruno Sammartino vs. Ivan Koloff** (1971 Madison Square Garden)

3. Ivan Koloff vs. Pedro Morales** (1971 Madison Square Garden)

4. Pedro Morales vs. Stan Stasiak** (1973 Philadelphia Arena)

5. Stan Stasiak vs. Bruno Sammartino** (1973 Madison Square Garden)

6. Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham** (1977 Baltimore Civic Center)

Side Match: Superstar Billy Graham** vs Dusty Rhodes (1977 Madison Square Garden) *any of the matches*

7. Superstar Billy Graham vs. Bob Backlund** (1978 Madison Square Garden)

Side Match: Bob Backlund** vs. Harley Race (1978 Madison Square Garden)

8. Bob Backlund vs. Iron Sheik** (1983 Madison Square Garden)

9. Iron Sheik vs. Hulk Hogan** (1984 Madison Square Garden) *bonus points if this version/attire of Hogan comes out to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"*

Side Match: 80's Hogan vs. 60's Bruno

I think the documentary-style video package would really make this whole thing shine. It's another thing I wouldn't have mentioned until a January wishlist topic, but so many of these people aren't in the game, or haven't been in years. If it seems like something viable, then it's probably best to mention this as early as possible and see what the feeling is. If only for a year or 2, why not have ALL the early champions? I can play any other sports game and play as guys from 50's or 40's or maybe even before. I used to play as Jack Johnson a lot in Fight Night. And who doesn't like playing the really old teams in NBA 2K? If you want to, they're there. Anyway it's just an idea I thought could appease the older guard of the game's fanbase and educate younger ones. Weird that a number of those early champions have always been kind of scattered across this game franchise's history, but never all together on one game before. And as I stated in the beginning, now that Hogan is back, it also plays as a vehicle to remind people of how special and so very important he is/was to WWE history, without just redoing all the Hogan stuff of 2K14.


Instead of making it exclusive to Towers, I think it'd do a GREAT service to be able to speed up gameplay and/or disable running as part of our match options, along with Big Head mode and such.




I just think the OMG's should be stylized, and wanting the crowd and announcer energy to match such occasions is nothing new. There isn't much difference between that and a stylized combination cutscene in a Mortal Kombat or a Street Fighter-kinda game. Hell, I was thinking of a Payback that allows you an extended, uninterruptable hit combo with a one-button initiation. One button (or R1+L1+triangle) and you perform an entire combo of up to 8 moves onto a staggering opponent, and end with either a strong strike or a submission. It would open up the opportunity for everyone with this Payback to have unique combos and watch them play out like a bunch of unique-looking animations instead of the regular way of button-tapping and getting reversed before you're done, more often than not. Plus, the purpose of paybacks is to get you a leg up if you're getting your ass kicked, so a proper hit combo could be real handy to players. Throw a stylized camera effect on that and it's money. I feel there are a number of other aspects of the game that slow down or take the oomph out of the gameplay from bell to bell, and I just don't see OMG moments as one of them. I'm not really disagreeing with your points because they're well thought out and valid. It just...ain't really broke...so no need to fix it or get rid of it...just upgrade it whenever they get the chance.

And that 2K forum setup doesn't really work for me. I need to just type out explanations of everything on my list in the order that it's on there...it would suck trying to compartmentalize everything like that. Can't lie...sometimes it takes more than one or 2 days to type out one of those lists and explain myself. I was fun at parties once. lol
Edit- wanted to add that r1+l1+strike could be an extended strike combo similar to the system we already had but ending with a strong strike...and r1+l1+grapple could be a new/old aspect of chaining newly captured/animated grapple moves together ala All Stars and ending with a strong grapple or submission.


Doing finisher wake-up taunt should trigger special close-up dramatic cinematic camera angle with impactful effect when the finisher hits. Mainly have Superman Punch and Spear in mind.


If retro Shawn Michaels is stunned and you hit him with a Strong Strike to the head, he spits out his gum

Shingo Takagi's Made In Japan


Do away with stored finishers. Having your finisher should be a fleeting thing, and if you don't use it on time, you have to build back up to it.


Ability to sync an external hard drive with the game:




A midday thought I had at work today was that I didn't understand why you couldn't configure your Creation Suite (or your whole game, for that matter) to be connected to an external hard drive that could then hold an unlimited amount of logos. Like, if that were the only thing on a 1TB external hard drive, you could hit every single limit of Custom Superstars, Custom Arenas, custom everything, and literally that would be the only limit....logo limit would cease to be an issue. I'm ignorant as to whether or not this sort of connecting/syncing could even be done or has been done before with any other game, but yeah. As opposed to the 64 layer drama that brought about a mass exodus of people ditching their Playstations for Xbox 360's, myself included, this could actually cause a spike in external hard drive sales for both companies and everyone would be happy. Sony, Microsoft, 2K (because they might even do something like add 50 to 100 slots for every category if you sync the game with an external hard drive), and of course us, the consumers, would be through the roof with happiness. It's like family looking out for family, all around. Not sure if any of that made sense. If you think I need psychiatric care then tell me something I don't know. lol

Bushy, sadly I wonder if that's something they'd put on the backburner 'til the next gen systems are in place. But man, it's just such a pain in everyone's ass.




"Fight Forever" chants if a match exceeds 15-20 minutes


Announcers should be more hype during briefcase-grabbing mini-game to add suspense and distract from the fact that you're essentially just standing still, trying to beat the mini-game


If Ricochet's legs are in the red, he springboards with one foot


Salt in the eyes Payback, Flash Paper Fireball Payback, Abdullah Fork to the head Payback, Skewers in the head Payback for the Fiend


Instead of removing the turnbuckle, I've always wanted to bite it off ala George "The Animal" Steele and it's never, ever made it into a game. Would be cool.


If we both run toward eachother and perform the same attack, like a clothesline or should tackle, we should bounce off of eachother or knock eachother down, like HERE


Manager special abilties ala Legends of WrestleMania, Example HERE


Game should have an intro ala N64 games. My vision is a WWE 2k21 intro video based on the SvR2007 trailer, but all out mayhem, not just two guys. Even people chasing the 247 champion around in the midst of the chaos. Something cool.


Heel should be able to take fan signs and rip them in half


Run plus clicking L3 and you quickly exit onto the apron


Instead of being Create A Show-exclusive, things like Cel Shading and 8-Bit are also things that should go under Big Head Mode when looking for ways to spruce up an exhibition matchup


Adrian Street, AJ Lee, Bull Nakano, and William Regal in the game


OMG: Fiend's Mandible Claw against the ring post from Sept 30, 2019 with lighting and sound effects



I know there's more things I've said, but this...is it. This is my vision of 2K21. I couldn't hold it in any longer. And I still have no idea who gets the damn cover. lol

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If I can continue suggesting things Shotzi Blackheart with the tank entrance would be nice. She also does a Brazilian kick (“Question Mark Kick”) which would be super nice.


And now that Liger is officially in the Hall Of Fame......

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I don't know how to navigate the Wrestling Figures site too well, but I see they've released old school Hogan toys and a Superstar Billy Graham toy is either on the way or just recently released. Makes me wonder if and hope that WWE has been reaching out to some of the pre-Hogan champions and we can get them in the game. I don't know if they're Jakks figures or if they specifically have to be Jakks figures before we can take game consideration seriously..


picture of figure here:


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