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PS4] Customizable TV , Star Fleet Title,What?! Titles

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Television Title:#T.V #TELEVISION #WWE
I wanted to allow some creativity in this , so what I did was leave front plate T.V empty for you to place whatever picture you wanted inside, be it your federation's logo or a Superstar Logo, I have some examples below...



Now with the front plate picture and the side plate wrestling images, all 8 strap images are used, but all can easily be adjusted for whatever you wish!



Sideplates also work well in the front plate.

STAR FLEET TITLE: #Star Trek # Star Fleet #Star


Army has boxing . Starfleet has Wrasslin. I'm a nerd in so many ways, sometimes I merge em, enjoy .

What?!: #What?! #Austin #WWE


This belt is the mind child of me and the wife. Put this belt on Austin, It's as funny as you think it will be.

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