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request logos / textures / info

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Hey guys, I'm EXTREMELY new to the game here. I've always been a console guy, and the CC selection on Xbox and especially PlayStation has always been adequate.

Im not against making my own wrestlers in CAW, and even get some joy out of it, but im having trouble finding a growing list of decent quality logos for attire, tattoos , and textures in general.

I have a giant pack i downloaded with textures in DDS format from games all the way back to smackdown days, but cant seem to find what im after either way. its a very specific list. I always wonder how the Xbox and ps4 CAW guys find these?!

things like Ricochet ( everything but face and chest tattoo )
APA ministry days - the circle cult looking logo for attire.
Saturn trunks logos ( i have one color in back, and can change it in PS ) but cant find the acrual planet logo for front etc etc

Just a lot of little things... Is there some resource im missing? If so, can someone point a newbie in the right direction

I got into PC gaming (Specifically 2k19) for modding, only to realize the latest patch broke it and i cant mod? lol regardless - id like to know where all of these logos and such are found if possible? all i can find is low res wr3d textures really, and face scans - which i have PLENTY of atm, and know how to make quite well.

Thanks, and sorry for being a burden! - Keep grinding out stellar content everyone!

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we mostly look at google for pictures. or youtube for videos and screenshot them, or past game textures, as the necronomicon circle logo you mentioned is in the past game textures for example.

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