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King RyderFan

King RyderFan’s Fantasy Booking

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A quick word of warning, what you are about to read throughout this thread is some of the worst booking you will ever see. I would advise having a vomit bucket at the ready.


Right, I'm sure we have all done it at sone point. Fantasy booking. Here I will book whatever ideas I have about events or storylines, past, present or future. I am also open to whatever challenges or storylines you suggest. And in this first edition I will cover:




I thought it would be appropriate seeing as Corbin is facing Braun with his GM role on the line tomorrow night. Anyway, let's not waste anymore time and get right into it.


In terms of the build up to Strowman Vs Corbin I wouldn't change anything. I actually think it was one of the better things about RAW, not that that's saying much. I would keep Strowman Vs Corbin at TLC


In terms of the match itself, I would have Strowman not show up and Corbin to win by default, with Corbin acting all smug after the match and on Twitter the following day. Next night on RAW Corbin is out there acting like he is king of the world and is interupted by Vince McMahon, who is furious. He would demand answers from Corbin about the state of RAW recently, and it about to fire him before Corbin manages to beg his way out of it. Before Corbin leaves however, Vince kindly informs him that the TLC match with Braun is still on and will happen at the Royal Rumble, with the same stipulations it was meant to have at TLC.


At the Rumble, just before the match begins, Corbin names Heath Slater as the referee. The match starts off one on one, but just when it looks like Braun is about to win, Lashley, McIntyre and Lio Rush come down and a 4-on-1 beatdown ensues. Corbin goes for the pin, Slater counts 1, 2, and finally stands up to Corbin by refusing to count to 3. Corbin starts screaming at Heath, asking what he is doing, to which Heath responds with a right hand to Corbin and starts beating up Lashley and McIntyre too, however, the numbers eventually catch up to Heath and he goes down. But the time spent dealing with Heath has allowed Strowman to recover and he manages to deal with the interference by Corbin's crew before hitting a Powerslam on Corbin as Slater recovers to count the pin and get Strowman a future Universal Championship match as well as Corbin out of power.


The following night on RAW Angle's music hits, as the Hall of Famer announces he is reinstated as RAW General Manager. He goes on about how great it is to be back as Corbin's music hits. The former Constable is fuming over Slater's actions at the Royal Rumble. Angle responds by booking Slater Vs Corbin for the Elimination Chamber (or whatever the February PPV is) with the stipulation that should Corbin win, he becomes the permant RAW GM, but if Slater wins, his tag team partner Rhyno is rehired.


At Elimination Chamber, Corbin walks out with his usual crew in tow, however just before the bell rings Kurt throws them all out of ringside and makes it a no disqualification match. The finish of the match comes as Corbin is about to win, Elias smashes him over the back with a guitar and Rhyno hits him with a Gore as Slater gets the win to reinstate his tag team partner.


Post-EC RAW, Corbin starts off the show once again fuming about how he got screwed and challenges Angle to give him a fair match for the GM Spot. Angle accepts and annouces an 8-man tag match for WrestleMania, Team Angle Vs Team Corbin. Winning captain is RAW GM, losing captain is fired. Over the next few weeks the teams are revealed Team Angle consisting of Angle, Slater, Rhyno & Elias, while Team Corbin is Corbin, McIntyre, Lashley & Lio Rush.


At WrestleMania, the match is fairly even to start with, but sick and tired of Corbin not being able to get the job done and numerous unfilled promises, his team abandons him to be left alone and lose, ending the feud.


A shitty storyline, but it's better than what we getting right now. As I said earlier, if you have any ideas on what you want me to do a poor attempt at booking, let me know below. Until then, Ill do another one when I feel like it.

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The series nobody wanted is making its return tonight, King RyderFan's Fantasy Booking. In this instalment we shall be taking a look at:




With this PPV two weekends away I thought I would have a go at trying to improve, but ultimately wrecking this PPV. With nothing else to say, let's get started:



We start off this PPV with the match that finished last year's event. All four women's champions are sitting at ringside.





01. Becky Lynch

02. Mickie James

03. Alicia Fox

04. Toni Storm

05. Zelina Vega

06. Ember Moon

07. Natalya

08. Dana Brooke

09. Trish Stratus

10. Naomi

11. Sonya Deville

12. Kairi Sane

13. Tamina

14. Peyton Royce

15. Billie Kay

16. Nikki Bella

17. Mandy Rose

18. Bianca Belair

19. Sarah Logan

20. Nia Jax

21. Brie Bella

22. Sasha Banks

23. Nikki Cross

24. Liv Morgan

25. Bayley

26. Lacey Evans

27. Charlotte Flair

28. Lita

29. Alexa Bliss

30. Carmella




The standouts:



Most eliminations: Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan (7)

Ironwoman (longest lasting): Becky Lynch, though Iron Man feels more appropriate here. :P

Shortest time: Carmella




The final four are Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair. Becky dumps Alexa out, but a distraction from Ronda causes The Man to get hit with a Samoan Drop by Nia and thrown over the top rope by the former women's champion. Nia charges at Charlotte, who pulls the top rope down and Nia goes sailing over.


WINNER: Charlotte Flair


Tag Match:

Heavy Machinery Vs two local talents


WINNERS: Heavy Machinery


No story here, just a short, 5 minute at most squash to allow people to cool down after the first Rumble.



Braun Strowman Vs Brock Lesnar ©




This is a tough one for me to book. On hand hand how many times has Strowman lost to Brock? On the other this match doesn't feel, I don't know, big enough, for Strowman to finally get his moment, which is the reason I think a draw is best.




Lana Vs Asuka ©




Pretty much, Lana wins a battle royal to become #1 contender. No reason for Asuka to lose this.


RAW Women's Championship

The Riott Squad are banned from ringside

Should Ronda get disqualified or counted out, she will lose the championship


Ruby Riott Vs Ronda Rousey ©




Pretty much this feud would come about because Ronda is constantly falling victim to the Riott Squad's numbers game. The McMahons would give each of them a chance to name a stipulation, no prizes for who picks what. This match would be mostly Ronda throwing Ruby from pillar to post, until Becky runs in through the crowd. Lynch and Rousey have a short stare down, until Lynch picks up Ruby and delivers a viscous Bexploder to her. The referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Ronda and awarding the match, due the to the stipulations, the title, to Ruby.


WWE Championship

Mustafa Ali Vs Daniel Bryan ©




Ali has been killing it on SmackDown recently, he deserves this shot. He won't win, but this would be a fun match.




One rumble starts the show, one rumble closes it.





01. Seth Rollins

02. Randy Orton

03. Baron Corbin

04. Zack Ryder

05. Ricochet

06. Bobby Lashley

07. Cesaro

08. Elias

09. Apollo Crews

10. Kofi Kingston

11. Jinder Mahal

12. Sheamus

13. Drew McIntyre

14. Jeff Hardy

15. EC3

16. John Cena

17. Andrade "Cien" ALmas

18. Pete Dunne

19. Xavier Woods

20. Rey Mysterio

21. Johnny Gargano

22. Kevin Owens

23. Aleitser Black

24. Finn Balor

25. Sami Zayn

26. AJ Styles

27. Samoa Joe

28. Big E

29. Dean Ambrose

30. R-Truth




The standouts:



Most eliminations: Samoa Joe (10)

Ironman(longest lasting): Apollo Crews

Shortest time: R-Truth




The final Four are Joe, Balor, Ambrose & Big E. Big E charges at Ambrose, who manages to use E's momentum to throw him over the top rope. A little while later on, Ambrose is trying to get Samoa Joe up for Dirty Deeds, but Joe manages to counter into a suplex throw over the top rope. As Joe has his eye off the ball, Balor sneaks up from behind and dumps him over the rope.


WINNER: Finn Balor


This concludes this particular waste of time. Feel free to give me ideas on what you want me to fail at booking next. Until the next time I feel like writing this garbage, see ya!

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