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REZIVerse Caw Showcase! - 7/28/19 Update!

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Damn dude. I'm truly impressed by what I'm seeing. Otw to snatch up what I can. If I may though, can I ask if you'll upload the Real Life Friends, 2 More Heroes and Abel Stark. Honestly all your work is DL-worthy, it's hard to pick just 5. Thanks for making and sharing, and I really hope to see your work again for 2K20.

Damn dude, I'm truly impressed. Digging ALL these, so I'm otw to snatch up who I can. Didn't see the Real Life Friends, Abel Stark or Two More Heroes uploaded though, so is it possible you could when you have the time? Thanks in advance, and thanks for making and sharing these incredible caws. Hope to see you back again for 2K20.

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