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Daniel Bryan sigs and finishers help!


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Its so hard cause I dont know if hes still using the yes lock or the single knee. But on smackdown he used a chop as a sig and the Achilles lock as a finisher.


He just used them both at Survivor Series against Brock.


DB is sort of like AJ Styles (Calf Crusher, Forearm, Springboard 450, Styles Clash), he has several "finishers", you never know which one he's going to use to win.


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I have Daniel's set up like this


Sig: Kneeling Yes Kicks 2, Yes Lock


Fin: Single Leg High Knee 3, Achillies Lock 3


Kneeling Yes Kicks can be used mid match, and the Yes Lock is like a 3rd finisher.


The Achillies Lock is the main finisher and the Single Leg High Knee is the last resort.


Achillies Lock 3 works pretty well. It looks just like the way Daniel applies it.

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