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Wiscowilz custom attires (New Day and Roman Reigns-Samoan Tribe preview)

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The New Day shocked everyone in season one of my Men's Team Challenge League after a slow start and then gave the SHIELD their first series loss and powered through the playoffs sweeping a crumbling SHIELD in the finals. I decided they needed a look for season 2 that screamed champions.


They got a very simple gold, silver black look. They also have a look where the silver and gold are reversed. It's not online but if people are interested I can upload them at some point.








WIth the SHIELD crumbling Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins will each lead their own teams into season 2. The Ambrose Asylum is online, here is a preview of what I am working on for Roman's Samoan War Tribe. I might keep the thing on the right arm for wrestling attire. Also working on The Usos. I might keep the entry outfit (not the top) on the Usos as I'm not crazy about the longer trunks on them (no preview of that yet)







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