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Wiscowilz custom attires (New Day and Roman Reigns-Samoan Tribe preview)

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Just finished my 2nd LHP attire while waiting for trick or treaters. Had my wife come up with colors and they really worked for them. Pink, yellow, black. Wouldn't normally go with those colors but for Luchadors it really works.

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So I think I've gotten as much out of my current content as I probably can. Who would you like uploaded next?


Who should I take down? I currently have all 3 members of AA as well as Balor and karl Anderson up.


I have Wyatt, Harper, Rowan, Absolution, Riott Squad, and Lucha House Party that I could put up.

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Keep the club up and AA for Lucha house party


I might jump on the old alternative attires this year if that Monday night raw guy doesnt comment.

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The next trios I am working on are the New Day and Undisputed Era.


I am looking for suggestions for New Day colors. The outfits will be simplified and have 3 colors max probably. I currently have the very classic pink, blue, white as a placeholder but not sure if I want that or something different. Was thinking of potentially having them pay homage to

Nation of Domination but not sure I want to go that route either.


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In anticipation of hitting 2000 downloads in the next couple of days I have moved LHP to a secondary username (so they can be reuploaded). I have also added a Sin Cara attire to the LHP.

I will also be reuploading Shelton Benjamin and keeping American Alpha up (they have my most downloads right now).

I will be uploading the Wyatt Family for sure and probably the SHIELD to start.

I have begun working on Undisputed Era and kind of like where I am going with them.

Absolution will be uploaded eventually.

I am working on changing some things on Riott Squad as I am not 100% happy with them.

Here is a preview of Sin Cara with LHP.


Bobby Fish preview


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Can you do fish with the new UE Logo

It's not in the game and unfortunately, I have found a good one to use.


I really want just the logo without all the words but even the old one isn't in the game.


Plus in my Universe I only have them as a 3 man group for my league format.

Wyatt Family has been uploaded:


hashtags: wiscowilz, Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt, Harper, Rowan





Custom Undisputed Era uploaded.

Hashtags: wiscowilz, Undisputed Era, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly











The Wyatt Family, Undisputed Era, All 4 members of Lucha House Party (Metalik, Lince, and Cara on a different username), and all 3 members of American Alpha (Benjamin re-uploaded) are available right now.


Search wiscowilz for all of them.

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If you want the Wyatt Family get them tomorrow morning. I think I'm gonna switch them out for a different trio. They haven't had many Downloads compared to others quickly.

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Hit Gold overnight so some new custom attires are available


SHIELD available


wiscowilz, caws.ws, reigns, rollins, ambrose, The Shield








***The masks are on this attire as well.




Riott Squad and Absolution also available now.


wiscowilz, caws.ws, paige, sonya deville, mandy rose, absolution


wiscowilz, caws.ws, riott, logan, morgan, riott squad









I am still working on my custom IconIIcs look so not sure how long these will be up or when/if IconIIcs will be released

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