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Motown Hero's WWE 2k19 Signatures and Finishers

Motown Saint

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if im not mistaken, you used those lists I posted from past games of spud's for this very thread.

You are correct. I used them as references for WCW and ECW. Of course, I had to find replacements for the created finishers, but it turned out well. Honestly, Spud's lists were a huge inspiration.

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I saved them as I was like this stuff comes in handy, regardless.

That's a great idea. Honestly, I was afraid no one would even reply to this topic. Thankfully, I was wrong. I assume the NXT/NJPW lists were the most helpful. Maybe I should post a poll on what ones I should post first in 2k20.

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motown, if needed I have saved all of these to individual txt or pdf files that I can send you

Yeah. That would be great, Rekka. Cheers


A little update: I've been going through the list (and checking it twice), and fixing a few things. Basically, taking valuble advice from Squishy in improving it. Plus, I fixed the sigs and fins for Private Party and some of the AEW roster.

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which ones did you change ?

also did you ever do Enzo, as I see Cass in the Misc/Alt section but not Zo.

My apologies for the late reply, Rekka. You're right, I forgot about Enzo. I will add him. Basically, I fixed the Street Profits sigs and fins in the Evolve section, and I added the finisher names to some of the wrestlers. Plus, I made some small tweaks like the right move name and numbers.


I did have a problem with the first post. For some reason, the site crashed, and I somhow lost half of the first post. Thankfully, I was

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