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EWE vs NLP 2k19

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Extreme Wrestling Empire & NXT LVL PRO are back again for 2k19. I'm not officially starting until November. My 1st ppv will be my MitB themed PPV ThanksKilling, where I will crown my 1st ever EWE/NLP Womens Champion! Yes, due to lots of requests I have created a whole new division that will be shared across both brands. I'm also going to trade up the roster to make it more balanced. Last year I felt EWE held more heavy hitters while NLP just put on great matches. Basically this 1st post is a place holder post for more to come.


For those who don't know me. Back in the ps1 & n64 days my friends & I would always create wrestlers to play against each other. Over the years I've continued to recreate these guys for each new game. Thus the EWE was born. Few years back in universe mode the EWE got so large I had 2 brands EWE White & EWE Black. Wanting to keep things fresh I turned the 2nd brand into a whole new show NXT LVL PRO or NLP.


I will eventually upload stuff. You may use it but please do not edit it. If you do use my stuff for any such thing I ask that you give credit & link my twitch page. Thank you.


I stream these shows every Weds & Friday at 8pm. est. at twitch.tv/WildcardLL85


EWE World Championship


EWE X Championship


EWE/NLP Women's Championship


The Blood Brothers

"The Butcher" Yuri Yamashita & Suicide Dragon


Billy Booger


EWE's First 2nd Generation Wrestler. The Daughter of Mad Dog. Cherry Del Perro


Brutal Bunny


Old Dirty Panda aka ODP


Mad Dog


"The Judge" Crunchy


"The Peoples Champ" "Double D" Devin Danger


The Overgiver


"Mr. 1980's" Eddie Van Diamond


La Familia

Billy Bandito, Diablo Loco & Numerico




"Onryu" Ushi Mairi


"He's Jawsome" Sharkbite


"Super Freak" Ricky Velvet


The Disciples

Damien Cross & "The Monster" Gabriel


The Madmen

The Flying Dutchman & The Fist


The Inmates

"The Spaz" Morgan Black & "The Human Horror Show" Menace


Weird Science

Professor Flex & Greggy The Gimp


La Muerta


NLP Global Championship


NLP Internet Championship


NLP Tag Titles WIP.



2ply Nelson


Antonio Phoenix Jr.


"Band Geek" Benny Jenkins


Big Smooth


"Voodoo Queen" Donna Hex


Bro Force

"Guido Sensation" Tony D & Jeremiah "The Bullfrog" Jordan


Country Boys

Justin Case, Kenny Lunchbox & Kenny's Girl Becky Sweet


"Canadian Killer" Chris Torrance


"The Meanest Cook in Canada" Chef Shady


Dank Spicy


"The Old Guy" Jack Ryder


Dirty Money

Dirty T & JD Money


The Empire of Pain

Pete Royal, "The Fresh Prince of NLP" Prince Ali & "The Kings Guard" Ruby Stoneheart


"The Flying Hawaiian" Johnny Tsunami




"The Soviet Solution" Sokolov


Jordan Heavenly


The Rich & Famous

"Hollywood Blockbuster" Richie Goldman & Tiger Millionaire


The Greatest Internet Champion of All Time! Macho Dragon


The Militia

Action Jackson, Owen "16" Hammer & Kurt King


Kelly Styles


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I'll try & get some pictures up soon guys, works been super crazy. I'm starting my shows tonight a little after 8pm if interested.

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Spent almost the entire sunday doing movsets. I want to say i'm 98% complete. Everyone has a good base set & finishers/signatures. Just have to fine tune some guys but i'll do that as universe mode progresses.

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Working on getting pictures of my entire current roster. I gotta be up at 4am tomorrow soooo I'll just give a quick preview of The Militia. Former NLP Tag Team Champs Action Jackson & Owen "16" Hammer have a new member straight from EWE Kurt King. Check out ep2 of NLP tomorrow around 8pm. est.

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Awesome as always!

Are you taking any requests to upload on CC? Also, do any of these have a second attire?


I'm currently using The Country Boys and Devin Danger on 2K18 so wanted to use them for 2K19 this year to continue with what I've got planned for them in my own Universe mode. Back in 2K18, I have Justin Case and Kenny Lunchbox floating around in the tag title picture as of right now, and then Devin Danger is mainly used for any house shows / dark matches I do. Richie Goldman I did download who is set to debut on my Universe very soon.


Also would like to give out requests to upload Sharkbite, Dirty Money, and Tiger Millionaire whenever you get the chance to do so.

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Thanks guys! I really wasn't a fan with how things were working this year. I had to rework & make new face textures for a bunch of wrestlers, which I'm still working on things. On top of that I still have to create 11 more arenas for my ppvs & finish out my womens division. Yeah I will upload some guys when I'm happy with them. Right now I have to fine tune a few guys. The country boys are a little op atm. I skipped my universe to Nov so it will match up correctly date wise. So here's what my ppv sched looks like currently & I'm open to ideas.


Nov - Thankskilling - MitB

Dec - Christmas Chaos - Extreme Rules

Jan - Throwback - Royal Rumble

Feb - My Bloody Valentine - TLC

March - Super Valhalla - Mania

April -

May - Psycho de Mayo - E Chamber

June - Schools Out - I Quit Theme? - Just an Idea not sure.

July - Beach Bash - Survivor Series

Aug - Dog Days

Sept - Back to the Grind

Oct - Halloween Havoc - HiaC

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I see lots of really nice looking CAWs there. The luchadors especially stand out. Very colorful gimmicks (Brutal Bunny and Hulkamaniaco lol). Mad Dog also looks nice, I like the more rugged look. I also like the plate-less look of the EWE titles.


Looking forward for arenas and more women.


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- Last night the Blood Brothers defeated the Disciples, Weird Science & the Inmates to become EWE Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders. They will challenge the Madmen on Friday November 23rd.


- EWE/NLP 1st ppv of the year will also be Nov 23rd. Directly after EWE, probably around 10pm. Please tune in & see the 1st ever EWE/NLP Womens Championship match.


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Added my new EWE/NLP Women's Championship.

- Still not sold on the side plates. I have a few other ideas. Had 3 other variations for the main plate, My wife like this one best. I did too because I wanted to use a purple strap.

Added two new women to the division.

- La Muerta. A high flying striker. I've got some more images to add to her attire & have better facepaint to apply.

- Kelly Styles. She's a 1980's fitness instructor. Here to shape up this new women's division. Lots of powerful slams & agile flips/kicks.



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@harriszilla Thanks! I'm glad you like. I really think it's cool that anyone likes my stuff. There are a bunch of guys on here that have insanely impressive caws.


Tonights NXT LVL PRO will debut 3 new female wrestlers in a triple threat main event! I posted two of them in my last update. I now have 8 women wrestlers. May have to change the table match to a ladder match for the women's belt.


Happy Thanksgiving & safe travels. If you have time this friday, Thankskilling will be on directly after EWE so lets say around 10pm.

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Yeah I'll upload them once I'm happy with the build. Like last year I can only upload 5 at a time. So I can put them up then swap out when everyone grabs who they want.


Game won't allow an 8 person table elimination match so the women's championship match is just a standard 8 woman elimination. Figured this would be more exciting then a ladder match. Sometimes they end quickly. The winner will be crowned the 1st ever EWE/NLP Women's Champion.

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Can't wait until these are uploaded. They look great like they did last year. Stupid 5 caw upload limit.

I'll go ahead and put in an early request for Brutal Bunny, ODP, Wildcard, Chris Torrance and Chef Shady. Crunchy, EVD and the Disciples would be ideally next. Thanks in advance and only in your own time.

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Sorry I've been MIA. Between my insane work sched, holiday stuff & both kids Bdays I've been slammed. Hopefully I'll get back on sched this week. Here's my promo for my next ppv Christmas Chaos. It's been up on twitter for a while now. This is for you folks who haven't seen it. Card Coming Soon. If you don't follow me on twitter you should btw.



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