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WWE 2K Wrestler Texture Archive - "NEW" UFC Undisputed 2010 Textures


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The one I made up looks pretty good. Each arena size to me looks like it has a different floor texture. But I will def give this one a look. Thanks


You're welcome. Will check this weekend if there are other floor textures in the game.


Any chance of getting Scott Hall anytime soon



Scott Hall's Texture is uploaded in the post Rekka posted above. Hence the reason I am not uploading Legends that are already in past games since the textures are already uploaded. Unless those are from old (not PC) games then I'll upload it.


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can I get the television title textures from 18 ?


Is this the ECW Television Championship? If yes, See first post. :)


Can I get the Big Gold Belt's Textures and the nameplates for 2k19 Please


See First post. Side note all Championships have flat textures. Which means it has solid color textures (with just jewels/diamonds/etc. included). The one that creates the design is the bump textures (color purple textures) which I included in the package.


Nameplates will have to wait since it is a lot of work to extract and I am a very busy man right now. Will try to do it next week. :)


In exchange I uploaded all the 2K19 Announcer's table cover designs which includes some past arenas too.



yu can download them fafa individually from that 2k18 thread I posted.

Every time I press download on the main post, it just sends me to a blank page. Could you link me the download for JBL and RVD?



Check First page in the WWE 2K18 part. I have uploaded the 2 guys you need.

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It was the WCW TV title, but this one also works :)


Was there a WCW TV Title in 2K18. Can't find it.


The Rising Stars DLC updated Jeff Hardy?


Nope, actually it was the first patch that did the update.



If only 2K updated Jeff Hardy with his facepaint.


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