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Continental Alliance Wrestling 2K19 (Updates in 1st post)

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I find with CAW Videos though they need to be short and sweet. I have a guy in a forum I run on FB. He is about to be warned for the amount of video links he putting out which have little or no substance other than matches and are all about 40mins long and he is getting 1-2 views....

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You need to put out more matches, bro. Maybe focus less on sharing on CC and more on putting out video content. I know it's time consuming, but you've got way to interesting a cast of characters not to be doing kick ass stuff on Youtube. That's just my opinion though. Still waiting patiently for the next update.

That might not actually be a bad idea. I'll be honest, the sharing aspect of things does slow me down considerably...namely having to depend on downloads in order to share more.


I find with CAW Videos though they need to be short and sweet. I have a guy in a forum I run on FB. He is about to be warned for the amount of video links he putting out which have little or no substance other than matches and are all about 40mins long and he is getting 1-2 views....

My long form videos would only be posted here or on the WWEGames sub-reddit.

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I know you may not want to do this but a quick way you could rank up is to post some of your tattoos alone. A lot of people look for some better then the ones that have been in there for years. I know some can be personal to a specific character but they do help downloads a lot. Food for thought.

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Typical for me to miss Evans, Jones and Primo (All three of which I downloaded last year and they kicked ass)


I know you rotate your CAWs, so will be on the look out for them in the future

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Alright...at long last, here comes Male Update #3. CC tags: CAW19 & OZCAW

Anslem Carter

From: Philadelphia, PA

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 358lbs

Signature Move: Switch Hitter (Shoulder Switch Powerslam)/Big House Splash (Running Crossbody 5)

Finishing Move: House Call (Fireman's Carry Frontslam 2)/Demolition Slam (One & Only)


One of the most powerful specimens on the planet, Anslem Carter is the fearsome enforcer of "The Empire". What he lacks in technical skill he makes up for in brute force...and he does brute force extremely well. Since coming under the influence of Solomon King, Carter's already aggressive nature as skyrocketed. The historically stoic brute is now akin to a Viking berserker, fueled by a desire to crush whatever man is foolish to step in the ring with him.

Brett Evans

From: Hatford, CONN.

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Signature Move: Winning Combination (B.F.T.)/ StarKO (TKO1)

Finishing Move: Super Star Press (Shooting Star 2)/ Solar Flare (Roode Bomb)


Twin brother of Blake Evans, Brett began his career in a tag team with his brother called the "Natural Born Thrillerz" in 2004. A torn MCL would put Brett out of action indefinitely, and his brother would obviously venture down a different path. Brett after his surgery decided to leave the US, making a home in Japan. Determined to one day step in the ring again, Brett found himself at the doorstep of Japanese legend Masato Tennouji's dojo. He would prove himself worth of the legends training, and within 2 years found himself back in the game, this time under the banner of Nihon-1 Wrestling. For 10 years he would become a staple within the company as it's top Gaijin talent, winning multiple titles and accolades. In 2016 when the N1/CAW partnership was announced, Brett would make his way back to the US for the 1st time a decade.

Gabriel Niyol

From: The Navajo Nation

Height: 6'6"

Weight Class: 256lbs

Signature Move: Tomahawk (Running Double Axe Handle 1)/Faultline (Flatliner 2)

Finishing Move: The Maelstrom (Trouble In Paradise 1)/Dream Weaver (Phoenix Splash)


The 1st student of Simon Fierhart, and a proud Navajo...Gabriel is one of the most seasoned and decorated wrestlers in all of CAW, holding the record of the longest CAW Continental Title run at 431 days. Having also spent time wrestling in Japan's N1 and Mexico's AMLL, he's a world traveled and battle hardened veteran well in his prime. In recent months his sights have been set on winning his 1st world title, especially since his one time friend and "brother in arms" Timoa Mamula unseated Dru Mercer as world champion.

Jude Riesen

From: New York, NY

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 275lbs

Signature Move: Highline (Clothesline 17)/Blacktop Drop (Fireman's Carry Flapjack)

Finishing Move: I Win (Cutthroat Side Slam/Khallas)


To say Jude Riesen is a blue chipper would be like saying water is wet. Possessing one of the most impressive physiques in wrestling, and a tremendous upside, "The Reason" has made waves since his debut a mere 5 months ago. His brash demeanor has done little to endear him to the rest of the roster, and he'd have it no other way.

Seth Adams

From: Boston, MA

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 242lbs

Signature Move: The Classic (Running Jumping Knee Drop)/The Suplay (Fisherman Suplex 6)

Finishing Move: Adams Smasher (Snapmare Driver) The Sellout (Pumphandle Uranage)


At one time one of CAW's most beloved babyfaces, Seth is now easily it's most reviled heel. Coming full circle, "Mr. Sellout" has gone all in on the "Adams Brand" of wrestling. With pompous bravado and over the top confidence, Adams has been on a tear not seen in a very long time, racking up a string of somewhat "questionable" wins. With his eyes set on CAW's biggest prize, Adams looks to win it the only way he knows how...by any means necessary.

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Anslem is wrecking stuff in my game. Love it.


BTW, what's the next update looking like?

I was going to ask the same question. Awesome update BTW. They're all boss, but Seth has to be my fave of this bunch. He looks like he's finally reached his final form as a heel this year.

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Going into 2019 with a bang...and that "bang" being the next update, which I'm aptly calling the "Generations" update. Why? Scroll down and you'll find out. Tags: OZCAW & CAW19


Abel Fierhart

From: Los Angeles, CA

Height: 6'6"

Weight Class: 270lbs

Signature Move: .308 (Superman Punch 1 & 2)
Finishing Move: Semper Invictus (Air Raid Bomb)/ 50 BMG (Spear 15)
When you're the son of a wrestling legend, there's usually a huge shadow cast over you when you try to break into the business. For Abel Fierhart, that wasn't the case. Abel came into the industry in 2017 with an already impressive resume, which is highlighted by an 11 year career in the United States Marine Corps as a Rifleman, Scout Sniper and Marine Raider...serving 3 tours in Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq. A venerated and decorated war veteran, Abel at 31 years old has seen things not many on this Earth has. But like his twin sister Simone, the squared circle is in his blood, and upon his honorable discharge from the service, it was plain as day what his next chapter was going to be. Unlike his father, an expert martial artist and tactician, Abel relies on brute force, plowing through the ranks of CAW developmental promotions and quickly earning a spot on the official roster. Wanting no merits because of his lineage, he's set his sights on climbing the ladder and earning his place among the CAW elite. And with his physical tools and thirst for battle, it won't be long before he attains that goal.


From: Berlin, Germany

Height: 7'7" (In game limit is 7'4")

Weight Class: 610lbs

Signature Move: Axe Of Ragnar (Double Axe Handle 4)/ Siege Engine (Running Crossbody 3)
Finishing Move: Viking Funeral (Big Splash)/Gjallahorn (Chokeslam 7)
There's not much else to be said about the titan known as Dieter Liedhamer. "The Last Giant" stands alone as one of...if not the largest man in wrestling. The biggest question...perhaps even more so then him...is why he's not sitting in total dominance of CAW? Unfortunately for most of the men's roster, that answer many be coming sooner rather then later. Following some extended time off in mid 2017, Liedhamer returned back to action some 3 months ago looking more like he did in his 30s then now, at 45. Packing noticeable muscle to his already massive frame, upon his return he decimate Seth Adams, Dylan Brody...and then a combination of both in a handicap match, firmly establishing that he was not only back, but in better form then ever. Odds are, he's intent on gaining the one thing that's eluded him his entire storied career...championship gold. A fact that the singles title holders of CAW had best take heed of.

Noelle Liedhamer

From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Height: 5'8"

Weight Class: 130lbs

Signature Move: Star Crossed (Front Face STO)/ North Star (Cartwheel Pele Kick)
Finishing Move: Perfect Fifth (Brogue Kick)/ Solar Wind (Inverted Phoenix Splash)
Deciding to take her father's surname as a competitor, Noelle continued to make waves in 2018. Rivalries against the likes of Nicki Roland, Aimee Lablanc and Lakoda Rose emerged on top of her long standing rivalries with Callista Jay and Kiki Chanel. With her rise in success and popularity, comes attention from the top of the CAW women's division, and the established higher tier are all starting to take notice of Noelle's skill and popularity. 2019 is proving to be a career year for "The Supernova".

Olympia Marstorius

From: Athens, Greece

Height: 5'10"

Weight Class: 160lbs

Signature Move: Mars Driver (Spinning Brainbuster)/ Javelin (Spear 2)
Finishing Move: Apollyon (Elevated Flatliner)/ Olympus Slam (Angle Slam 1)
For the 2nd born of Pavlos Marstorius...making the trip to the United States has proven a wise decision. Having already carved a legend for herself in Europe and Japan within her illustrious 10 year career, the now 31 year old Olympia has in just a mere short months positioned herself as the next in line for the CAW Women's World title once the dust settles on the storied championship feud between current champ Crystal Bayless and former champions Brittany Nitro & Dominique. What's for certain is whoever emerges as champion will have a tall order on their hands, as Olympia is easily one of the most skilled and fearsome women in the game. With no shortage of challengers, be they newcomers looking to make a name or veterans looking to prove their mettle, "The Goddess Of War" aims to bring war like no other to the ring.

Pavlos Marstorius

From: Athens, Greece

Height: 6'8"

Weight Class: 331lbs

Signature Move: Kneel Kick (Rolling Wheel Kink 1)/ Dash Lariat (Clothesline 15)
Finishing Move: Chimera-Plex/ Drill Powerslam (Shoulder Switch Powerslam)
A year removed from his return to the ring, Pavlos has mixed it up with old foes and new challengers of all types, but his latest challenger is one even the veteran tactician could never see coming...his start pupil Primo Valiante. Primo, fixated on proving he's the best wrestler alive, made it abundantly clear that he aims to show he's surpassed his former mentor...and Pavlos is more then up to the task of showing Primo he still has lessons to be learned.

Simon Fierhart

From: Los Angeles, CA

Height: 6'6"

Weight Class: 240lbs

Signature Move: The Deep (Half & Half Suplex 1 & 2)
Finishing Move: Vertigo (DDT 8) /Demon's Embrace (Coquina Clutch)
"The Old Destroyer" returns to the fray with little else to prove in the industry. Taking a step back from competing regularly to focus on his wrestling school "The Fierhouse" founded by his late father in the 70s, as well as helping his 2 children navigate the ins and outs of the industry, Simon on occasion answers the call to battle. The most recent being his wayward student, and the new CAW World Champion Timoa Mamula...who much like his "International Incident" stable mate Primo, looks to prove he's surpassed his master. Simon however, hasn't fallen for his tricks...up to and including orchestrated attacks on Gabriel Niyol and Abel Fierhart. This development has also lead to an unlikely alliance with Pavlos, whom had been a rival for near 2 decades. With battle lines being drawn and sides being taken, it would seem Simon once again must show the world that "The Old Man" is still as good as they come.

Simone Fierhart

From: Los Angeles, CA

Height: 5'10"

Weight Class: 145lbs

Signature Move: Southern Cross (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker)/ Superwoman Punch (Superman Punch)
Finishing Move: Siren's Song (White Noise 2)/ The Sundering (Sleeper Hold 4)
2018 for Simone was a family affair. It started with her coming to the aid of her cousin Noelle against B.E.C.H and Kiki Chanel and continued into joining forces with her aunts Ashley Diamond and Heather Fierhart against her other aunt Helena Troy and The Coven. However the tail end of 2018 sees Simone in crosshairs of Amber Owens, as the veteran has taken offense to the idea of the new girls "taking her spot".
All of the above are on CC as we speak, and I have 3 slots for re-uploads.


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Think you could reupload Dru, Evan, and Jayson? Thanks.

They're up. Go get 'em when you can, I'll leave them there for a few days.

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Think you could reupload Dru, Evan, and Jayson? Thanks.

They're up. Go get 'em when you can, I'll leave them there for a few days.




Any chance you can upload Blake Evans and Primo?




Awesome creations. I'm just waiting for Jarret to get re-uploaded. I've got my eye on giving him a top run in my universe mode


Blake Evans, Primo Valiante and Jarret Caesar are re-uploaded.

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