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Continental Alliance Wrestling 2K19 (Updates in 1st post)

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17 hours ago, Oz70NYC said:

Thus far, only two have identities. The first is named Diedre VanDiver. Tall, statuesque, blond and musclar. Used IG "model" Gussje Van Giel as the template...with some influences from past ideas I've had for characters that didn't make the cut. The 2nd is name Cullen Dorn, and is a character I've actually had in my head a couple years now. He's the son of my brother's character Crossbonez. And of course, he runs in the same circle as Evan Slade, who is son of my brother's character Riot/Vincent Fate. As such, he's got a similar aesthetic to Evan, but I tapped Darby Allin as the primary source of inspiration, and found a digital face render I liked for the face texture.

The remaining WIPs are exactly that...ideas I'm still trying to mold into full characters. For the majority they're just blank CAW models with face textures on them. Biggest challenge of making new characters is trying to source inspiration for their design that doesn't resemble the work of someone else. And I want these new characters to be unique in concept at the very least. 

 After seeing that IG template....I am very interested in how VanDiver turns out.

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