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NEWA Showcase - Irish Crusaders & Blair posted | LEGION finished

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This year I'm going to actually try to complete a CAW roster.

My Promotion of choice is NEWA

It's the current flagship promotion of the EoW (Empire of Wrestling) - a successor of NWA and similar wrestling alliances - recently going even with HSW (Hardcore Showdown Wrestling). The promotion is mainly using a freelance system, since they are only accessible via EoW-Online, the streaming service of the Alliance. Limiting themselves to about 20 shows a year plus additional cards for multiple day events and tournaments, resulted in high quality matches and the creation of some top names in the EoW. In 2017 they've adapted their fellow EoW promotion NJPW's system of splitting their roster up in Stables. Some of them contain real life wrestlers, but I'm going to focus on my CAWs. As of 2018:



Founded by SASAKI,. Rumored to be sponsored by the Mafia

Leader: "Kitsuen Kage" SASAKI

Underboss: "Morning Blossom" Ai Sakura

Capo: Platinum Schultz | TENTO | Akisa Kurame

Soldiers: Amaterasu (Shisuke Kobiashi & Seito Akibara) | Phase1 (Kigata & Ukon) | Meiko & Yuko

Young Lion/Associate: Yushin Bakura



The Tag-Team of Pan Meredith and Shannon Bourgeau turned into an Anarchy faction.

Pan Meredith | Shannon Bourgeau | Blair/Amelie Van Stock | Baron Corbin | Irish Crusaders (Cael Reagan & Ronin McCallum) | Lars Sullivan


Big stable all about unity, friendship and loyalty. Card theme.

Aces: Danny Acton[2] (Heart) | Kota Ibushi (Diamond) | Elisa Levito (Club)

King of Diamond & Leader: Mellow

"Diamond Queen" Rage (Wife of Mellow)

CooBex (Slynn Cooper [King Club] & Doyle Bexter [Jack Club]) | Shayna Baszler (Queen Spade) | Deva Quinn (Queen Club) | Lio Rush (X Spade) | Joey Ryan (X Heart) | Sobu Ezaki (Jack Spade)


The Anti-thesis to Wonderland. Individuals under one banner.

Neville | Drew Galloway | British Nightmare (William Knight & Charlie Moore) | The Dawn (Florian Cotè, Paul Koch & Whis Macy) | Sheamus O'Shaunessy | Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch


Tokyo Jenn | Prince Manu Saré | Rey Rojo Jr. |

I may add freelancers and the Asad-Clan later.

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Edited OP.


Danny Acton Uploaded (NEWA; CAWS.WS; BPW)







Real Name: Cashel Maria Price


-Cashel Price

-Danny Acton (2014-present)



“Little Dan”

“Acton Classic”

“The Face/Champion of the New Age”


Twitter handle: @DannyActonSPW @PriceHasAEverything


Birthdate: 02/20/1990

Pro-Wrestling Debut: 17/08/2008 (18 years)


Birth Place: Redmond, Oregon

Resides in:

-Orlando, Florida

Billed from:

-Redmond, Oregon

-Portland, Oregon (2014-present)


Billed Height: 1,78m (5 ft 10 In)

Billed Weight: 103kg (229 lb)


Trained by:

-Ohio Valley Wrestling

-Oliver “Blue” O’Ville

-The Zeledon & Betances Warrior Factory


Entrance Theme:

“Dare to Fly” by All Good Things 2013-present





-Overprice (Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker) 2010-2016; later used as a signature move

-Three Seconds of Fame (Diving/Springboard 450° Splash)

-Phoenix Splash (Corkscrew 450° Splash) 2015-present

-Victory Peak (540°/720° Kick to a grounded opponent) 2015-present



-Basement Dropkick

-Billboard Beater (Corkscrew Leg Drop to an opponent leaning over the barricade or the top rope)

-Crucifix Headscissors into a Hurricanrana, often followed by a Standing Moonsault

-Dragon Driver (Powerbomb Lungblower)


-Snapmare Neckbreaker followed by a Jumping Knee Drop

-Standing/Diving/Springboard Shooting Star Press

-Storm before the End (Running Kick to the midsection of a cornered opponent)


-Triangle Cannonball (Corner-Springboard Corkscrew Rolling Senton to the outside)









Cashel Maria Price (born February 20th, 1990) is a professional wrestler, better known under the ring name Danny Acton. He has appeared in several promotions around the globe, such as Hardcore Showdown Wrestling, Lucha Nova, New Japan Pro Wrestling and the New European Wrestling Association, where he is the current NEWA World Champion.


Training and Early Career (2008-2011)

Price graduated from High School at the age of 17. He was given a scholarship for his success as an athlete, but left college early on, when he first met the former EoW 6-Man Tag-Team Champion Oliver “Blue” O’Ville, who was opening a wrestling school nearby. Price joined O’Ville’s school and quickly became a regular participant and a crowd favorite of the EoW Boot Camp Program. Under the guidance of O’Ville he visited and trained at various dojos around the globe, including Ultimo Dragon’s school and the NJPW’s own dojo aswell. He participated in the 2010 Young Lions cup and managed to make it to the second round, before losing to Raiga Komatsu. In 2010 he also opened himself to bookings in the North American Independent scene.


Lucha Nova

Arrival (2010-2011)

In late 2010 the Mexican promotion “Lucha Nova” announced Price’s signing as part of their new-wave movement. The promotion not being a part of the EoW, led to Price’s departure from the Boot Camp Program. While using his real name, Price competed in the initial Nova Championship tournament, impressing company and fans alike and making it to the finals, before losing against eventual Champion Ricky Banderas.


Masked Persona; New Wave Champion; Unmasking; Depature (2011-2013)

In the same year Price was involved in a long-lasting feud against fellow newcomer Diablo Arcus, who, in kayfabe, burned Price’s face. As a result Price was forced into wearing a mask, before finally overcoming his enemy in the summer of 2011. Cashel Price didn’t appear much in the rest of the year and reports surfaced about management not being happy with his portrayal in his masked persona. In January 2012 he re-ignited his feud with Ricky Banderas, after earning the No.1 contendership towards the Nova Heavyweight Championship. In a match that was later described as a landmark match in the career of both participants, he lost his title shot in a match against Ricky Banderas, that saw the Los Perros del Mal interfere and cause the match to end in a no-contest. Price and Banderas led Lucha Nova against the interfering faction, although Price always saw the short end of the stick, while Banderas came out on top. The storyline ended in the fall of 2012, when Banderas and Price defeated Perro Aguayo Jr and Bestia 666 in a tag-team match. This earned Price a rematch against Banderas, in a Title vs. Mask match, in which Price lost and had to unmask.


Now unmasked again Price challenged Perro Aguayo Jr a few weeks later to a New Wave Championship match and sure enough…Price managed to overcome the Los Perros del Mal leader and got his first taste of championship gold. In February 2013 he lost the Championship to Kamikaze, before his contract ran out and didn’t see a renew.


Supreme Championship Wrestling/SupremePRO

Debut (2014)

A year later Cashel Price joined Supreme Championship Wrestling, who underwent a rebranding about that time into “SupremePRO”. As part of a new direction, Price was one of the first men signed to the promotion under the new direction. He revealed his new ring name as Danny Acton and quickly got involved in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament. With a-class in-ring ability and in the company an unrivaled ability to get the crowd behind him, he made it to the tournament finals, before losing against eventual winner Mike Stokes. Wrestling journalist Armin Fist described Danny Acton as an “unpolished talent with almost infinite potential”. Despite not being with the EoW anymore, the Empire put an “Boot Camp Pros”-Article on their website, promoting Price’s work since leaving the Boot Camp Program.


Feud with Gabriel Gospel; Rose to World Class (2014-2015)

After failing to capture World Championship gold, Danny Acton insisted on not begging for another shot and challenged the locker room for new opportunities to earn himself a shot at another title. First engaging into a semi-feud with Tyler Morgan, he later main evented SupremePRO’s weekly program by facing the first ever SCW World Champion and active Grand Champion at the time Nicholas Lancer and defeating him for the second time. In his attempt to offer Lancer a rematch in exchange for a future title opportunity, he was interrupted by Gabriel Gospel, who talked down to Danny Acton, because of his experience. The two men quickly engaged in a back and forth battle both in the ring aswell as out of it. While Danny Acton clearly was the superior in the ring, Gabriel Gospel constantly got into his head, by attacking his family and putting Acton himself out of action for almost a month. Upon returning Danny Acton got his return by beating Gabriel Gospel in a Last Man Standing match, in Gospel’s hometown of London in England, successfully.


In the following weeks he got back into the World title hunt, by defeating Nicholas Lancer for a third, earning himself a No.1 contender match against Shawn Hunter. Acton lost clean the following week, leading to Gabriel Gospel to return for the first time since the Last man standing match, berating Acton in the process. In a final encounter between the two Danny Acton overcame the veteran Gabriel Gospel for second time. In an interview Danny Acton thanked Gospel for introducing him into the world of the World Class wrestlers, putting the feud between the two on a hold.


Supreme Champion (2015-2016)

After the controversial finish of Mike Stokes title defense against Shawn Hunter and his work attitude SupremePRO booked a battle royal on SupremePRO Television, in which the winner could challenge the World Champion to a championship match anytime they want. In an almost shocking event Danny Acton managed to win the match by last eliminating Shawn Hunter, earning himself a once-in-a-life time achievement. Reports surfaced about Mike Stokes being fired from the company for not holding up his part of the contract, making it no surprise that Acton used his opportunity almost immediately, winning the World title in the following week. Despite the backstage situation behind the title win, fans around the world responded with cheers, as Shawn Hunter was seen as the man to dethrone Mike Stokes. Danny Acton won his first World Championship and immediately was approached by promotions such as NJPW and NEWA, aswell as TNA and NXT. However. He continued to work for SupremePRO until the promotion’s closure in early 2016. Rebranding the World title as the “Supreme Championship”, he successfully retained the Championship against Tyler Morgan, Shawn Hunter, Aaron Mercer and Nicholas Lancer, before losing the title on the final SupremePRO show, co-promoted by Pro Wrestling Noah, to his old rival Gabriel Gospel in Tokyo, Japan.


New European Wrestling Association

Universal Champion (2016)

In July 2016 Danny Acton made his return to the Empire of Wrestling as part of NEWA’s Sickest Survivor tournament at NEWA Survival of the Sickest V. He lost his first round match against Kenny Omega on Day 1 and teamed up with Will Ospreay against Ricochet & KUSHIDA in a losing effort on Day 2. Impressing enough people backstage, he earned himself a Universal Championship shot in the same month at NEWA Welcome to Impact and won the title off of HINARU on Day 2. He had two successful title defenses against HINARU and Cody Rhodes, before losing the title in October against Baron Corbin on the Super Wildcard 3 show.


Tournament Success; NEWA World Champion (2016-present)

Danny Acton participated in the 2016 Young Lions Cup, losing in the final against SASAKI, starting a rivalry between these two men, often compared to the old East-versus-West battles of the territorial era. Despite his shortcomings in the Young Lions Cup, he was announced as a participant of the Alpha Super League. With an fantastic high match quality Danny Acton managed to win the B Block, with only losing one match over the course of the league against Zack Sabre Jr. After beating Slynn Cooper in the finals, Danny Acton quickly became the new poster boy of the company and the babyface that the EoW wanted Brian Hayford to be. He defeated Marty Scurll – the man that became World Champion at Danny Acton’s debut PPV – and Drew Galloway at the final TNA show – NEWA Broken Impact – to become NEWA World Champion and the final TNA World Champion in history, before the company closed down. In June Acton teamed up with former champion Adrian Neville in the brand new Alpha Tag League, ending up two points short from reaching the finals. Danny Acton is still holding onto the belt, building up a future confrontation with Aleksey Brayko.


Championships and accomplishments

· Down with the Fist Podcast

· 5-Fists Match: with Elisa Levito & Aleksey Brayko vs. The Young Bucks & Adam Cole (2017)

· Newcomer of the Year (2014)

· Lucha Nova

· New Wave Championship (1 time)

· New European Wrestling Association

· Alpha Super League (2017)

· NEWA World Championship (2 time; current)

· Universal Championship (1 time)

· Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling

· TNA World Heavyweight Championship (1 time; final)

· World Wrestling Awards

· Babyface of the year (2014; 2015; 2016)



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Pan Meredith & Shannon Bourgeau done

Tags: NEWA; Legion; CAWS.WS

Pan Meredith




Shannon Bourgeau




NEWA Accomplishments (Tag-Team)

NEWA Women's Tag-Team Champions (2 times; longest)

Universal Tag-Team Champions (2 times)

Universal Triforce Champions (1 time; with Baron Corbin)


Pan Meredith

Real Name: Pan Meredith


-(Lady) Lillian

-Pan Meredith




-“Lost/Legion Soul”

-“The Mistress of Bad Behavior” (as Pan Meredith)

-“The Frost Vampire”


Twitter handle: @Real_LadyPan


Birthdate: 08/30/1990

Pro-Wrestling Debut: 05/12/2007 (16 Years)


Birth Place: New York City, New York

Resides in:

-New York City, New York

Billed from:

-New York City (as Pan Meredith)

-Parts Unknown (as Lillian)


Billed Height: 1,74 m (5 ft 8 In)

Billed Weight: 64 kg (141 lb)


Trained by:


-Armin Fist


Wrestlers Trained:



Entrance Theme:

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Celestial Decay (as a member of Alucard’s Tears)

“Bad Intentions” by Digital Daggers (in singles competition)

“The Path to Decay” by SIRENIA (as a member of LEGION)



Pan is a second generation wrestler with her father being a New York local wrestler who works/worked under the name “Armin Fist”. Pan grew up with wrestling and got into training at a very young age. She made her debut when she was just 16 years old and has been wrestling ever since. She did not really have a traumatic backstory like her good friend Shannon Bourgeau, but Pan still had a very hard childhood, since her taste in music and most importantly in the way she dresses differed that much from other people in her age. She is mostly known for her work in the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) but has started to accept bookings everywhere in the US in 2011, after she turned 21. Like Shannon Bourgeau Pan was reborn as one of Winter’s daughters.


Character/Gimmick/Antics/Wrestling Style:

As Pan Meredith:

Pan does not want to spend too much time in the ring and has a surprisingly fast offense. Unlike her partner Shannon she doesn’t pay attention at the crowd or anyone else but her opponent. Pan also likes to brawl with her opponents and she will always use closed fists as for her assaults instead of slaps.


As Lillian:

Lillian is a vampire. Well…she can’t transform into a bat and fly around and all that stuff. And she doesn’t sparkle at all. But she was one of the girls Winter turned into her daughters. She does the Frost Bite spit and she talks in the manner you would expect from a dark and mysterious character like a vampire. But she doesn’t laugh that much and only smiles occasionally. She wrestles as fast as in her Pan gimmick, but does actually react to the crowd.





-Mankiller/Ladykiller (Half-Nelson Wheelbarrow Driver)

-Mary's Death (Springboard spinning wheel kick) - adapted from Super Dragon

-Joshi's Death (Rear Naked Choke) - rarely



-Arm hold into a Diving Arm Drag

-Arm-Trap Neckbreaker

-Backstabber (Double Knee Backbreaker)

-Determination Attack (Spinning Enzuigiri)

-Diving/Running/Standing Dropkick

-Diving Corkscrew Moonsault

-Frost Bite (Blue Asian Mist) as Lillian

-Jumping Body Splash to a cornered opponent

-Lou Thesz Press

-Sleeper Hold

-Springboard Thrust Kick



Shannon Bourgeau

Real Name: Shannon Bourgeau



-Shannon Bourgeau




-“Daughter of the Beast”

-“The red Bat (of the Night)”

-“Bad Girl” (as Shannon Bourgeau)


Twitter handle: @Real_Zaleska


Birthdate: 04/23/1991

Pro-Wrestling Debut: 02/17/2012


Birth Place: South Bend, Indiana

Resides in:

-New York City, New York

Billed from:

-South Bend, Indiana (as Shannon Bourgeau)

-Parts Unknown (as Zaleska)


Billed Height: 1,72m (5”6 ft)

Billed Weight: 64kg (141 lb)


Trained by:


-Mikey Whipwreck


Wrestlers Trained:

-Blair/Amelie van Stock


Entrance Theme:

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Celestial Decay (as a member of Alucard’s Tears)

“Becoming the Bull” by Atreyu (as Shannon Bourgeau)

“The Path to Decay” by SIRENIA (as a member of LEGION)



Shannon grew up without a mother and her father was a drinker, a junkie and known for his abusive behavior towards women. So for Shannon it was a really rough childhood that she had. She turned out to be a little bit like her father and got involved in several gang fights, in which she injured several people. Before she got into pro-wrestling she was in a Ju-Jitsu school for several years, in order to get her bad behavior under control. It helped a little bit, but not completely. When she moved away from her father and started to live in New York she looked for an alternative to Ju-Jitsu. So she started to be trained and to work for the pro-wrestling promotion New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC). Shannon got the training from Mikey Whipwreck and made her debut two years later for the promotion.


Character/Gimmick/Antics/Wrestling Style:

As Shannon Bourgeau:

Shannon is a bad girl and street tough. She does not trust anybody and lets her actions speak for her instead of pointless talking. She is rarely impressed or really frighten by anyone and likes to work a match on the ground. Shannon does not really form alliances or make new friendships, but it is possible to work together with her for a common goal.


As Zaleska:

Zaleska is a vampire. Well…she can’t transform into a bat and fly around and all that stuff. And she doesn’t sparkle at all. But she was one of the girls Winter turned into her daughters. She does the Blood Mist spit and she also laughs and talks in the manner you would expect from a dark and mysterious character like a vampire. She wrestles both, standing and on the ground. Zaleska stays with her family most of the time and does feel uncomfortable talking to other people, without Alucard’s Tears around. Zaleska also likes to have the match at a faster paste than when she’s portraying the Shannon Bourgeau gimmick.





-Inked Blood Drop (Tiger Driver)

-Harker Elbow (Pull-back/Rolling/Wrist lock/Smashing/Discus Standing Elbow)



-Blood Mist (Red Asian Mist) as Zaleska

-Caught Smoking (Jumping Punch to an opponent standing on the apron)

-Diving Crossbody

-Kimura Lock

-Mounted Kimura Lock

-Michinoku Driver

-Rolling Snapmare followed by a Dropkick to a sitting opponent

-Street Kill Innovation/SKI (Standing Big Boot)





-"Alter Street Effect"


-“Factual Disaster”



"The Bad Girls"



-Shannon Bourgeau

-Pan Meredith


Pro-Wrestling Debut (Tag-Team): 12/01/2012

Billed from: New York City


Disposition: Heel

Manager: Blair



Both woman work in a slower manner to the ring. The best comparison would be the entrance of Corey Graves & Jake Carter, back in the early days of WWE NXT season 6. Shannon and Pan are bad, and they know it. Neither woman will talk to the crowd during that entrance. But they will surley make their presense noticed, whenever they're in the ring.


Tag-Team Finisher:

-Cold Death (Springboard Wheel Kick (Lillian)/Tiger Driver (Shannon) combination)


Other signature Tag-Team Manuveurs:

-Commitment to the Street (Pan Flapjacks Shannon on a grounded opponent into a pin)

-Diving Crossbody (Shannon) followed by a Diving Double Foot Stamp (Pan)

-Double Superplex

-Street Kill Innovation II/SKI II (Backstabber (Pan) into a Big Boot (Shannon))


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Pretty cool to see your RP caws here


Acton is missing his PRO titles, unless youre only counting your games?

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And his BPW Internet one technically lol good work though just got the ladies you made they will be a great team for BPW



^ Nice


Just copy pasted my post from last year, so it's not up-to-date


A two time champion in fact.

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"Combat Queen" Tokyo Jenn - Freelancer

Tags: NEWA; Japan; CAWS.WS

Pardon her closed eyes :lol:



NEWA Accomplishments:

NEWA Women's Tag-Team Champion (1 time with Bianca Belair)

Coming Tomorrow: 2 first members of Kareru, both in creation aswell as story

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KARERU Leader SASAKI & Capo Platinum Schultz done





NEWA Accomplishments

NEWA Intercontinental Champion (2 times; current)

Young Lions Cup (2016)

Alpha Super League (2018)

Platinum Schultz



NEWA Accomplishments

NEWA World Champion (1 time)

Universal Triforce Champion (1 time; with Seito Akibara & Shisuke Kobiashi)


If anyone wants to compare the last guy to the original version in 2k16... Here


Boi did he change :lol:

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Oh, yeah. I'm alive

Behold...Some of my worst face textures (working on them):


Ai Sakura (Kareru Underboss)



NEWA Accomplishments

-NEWA Women's Champion (1 time)

-Universal Triforce Championship (1 time; with Low Ki, Shisuke Kobiashi & Seito Akibara, Freebird)

Amaterasu (Tag-Team; Kareru Soldiers)

Shisuke Kobiashi



Seito Akibara / Tiger Mask Zero



(thx to Rekka for the tattoo and shirt logo links)

NEWA Accomplishments

-NEWA World Tag-Team Champions (1 time)

-Universal Triforce Championship (2 times; w/Ai Sakura & Low Ki (1), Freebirded; w/Platinum Schultz (1))

Prince Manu Saré | Freelancer



First created in 2011. One of the wrestler coming to Europe from "African Championship Wrestling", even though he natively is from Jamaica. Competed in the 2017 GRPW Nightmare Frontier Tournament

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I too like the attires. The face textures don't look half bad either. You just need to smoothen them a bit around the edges.


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thx. Yeah. Gonna redo the faces.


Meanwhile 2 new Danny Acton attire.

The wrestling attire is on CC with the same tags as the old attire, the second attire is from a couple of "MMA Rules" matches he had. (Steel Cage matches that can only end via Submission or KO)


Also tweaked the entrance to a more PPV esq. one

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Well it's the only hair that I liked on him :P

It is a Texas Tornado hairstyle, you're right


Rey Rojo Jr




A second Generation Luchador, that I first created in SvR'11. His father used to wrestler in Japan under the masked persona "Máscara Roja". It was a white, full body suite and when he returned to North America Máscara Roja became "Kamikaze Mask" in WCW and then simply "Kamikaze". In 2007 his son - the guy above - showed up at the age of 16 as "Kamikaze II". Never having lost the mask, people were unsure wether or not Kamikaze II was related or simply a student. Kamikaze II lost a Mask vs. Mask match in 2014 against the returning Mistico fka Sin Cara aka Myzteziz. The two had formed the Tag-Team "Kamino" prior to this. After losing his mask, Kamikaze II revealed his new ringname as "Roja Sebico" and then simply "Sebico".

Now a rudo, he joined Lucha Nova and made it his mission to take other people's mask away - in and outisde the ring - to cover up his own shame. Two years later, in late 2016 he left "Lucha Nova" for the NEWA, in which he showed up as "El Rey Rojo", under facepaint. In 2018 the name got shortened to Rey Rojo Jr.

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