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BPW's promotion talent raid 2k19

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So this is the Neamstream Climax Card catch it on my twitch 1pm EST. This is the last show before Go For Broke on 10/15/19 we have about 3 weeks on build. Most matches will be set right after this special event or the week after. Just wanted everyone to know for special entrances and attires.

-Neamstream Cup Finals El Loco vs Erik Magnusson

-Tag team scramble Killer K & Johnny Holloway vs BPW Orginals vs Dark Order vs Seismic Activity

-BPW Internet Title Bad Bones Briggz vs Keith Anderson

-BPW Women's Title Izy Black vs Selena Lopez

-BPW Tag Team Titles Hangmen vs Shin Jidai Tornado tag

-BPW World Title El Loco vs Ivan Rusev

-Elimination Chamber Amber Mitchell vs Brooklyn vs Lori Braddock vs Cherry Del Perro vs Kokoro vs Marissa

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You would think were Briggs grew up he'd be able to shrug off a drive by but I guess not. Congrats Mr. Acton enjoy the fruits of victory now while you can because when the belt's on the line (which is when it matters) you'll be begging for someone to say cut!

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So this is the card so far for Go For Broke on Oct. 15th on my twitch.tv/brokebottle page 1pm est


BPW World Title match

El Loco vs Erik Magnusson

BPW Internet Title match

Bad Bones Briggz vs Danny Acton vs Ejiro vs Austin Quinn

BPW Tag Team Titles match

Killer Kadoogan + Johnny Holloway vs The Hangmen

BPW Women's Title match

Izy Black vs Marissa

BPW Women's Tag Team Titles match

Legion vs Misstallecca

2 Out of 3 Falls match

Brandon X vs Even Wilson

Falls Count Anywhere match

The Machine vs Blake Evans

Ambulance match

Lori Braddock vs Amber Mitchell

Retirement match

Tarek Arafa vs Ken Yamamoto

Finisher Frenzy match

Dark Order vs Reaper Gang

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I wish when using the outdoor arena in universe it got darker though out the show. I figure women's tag would be a later match and as long as the Internet title match was it should be dark that late into the evening :laugh: . Ideally this is how I imagine them coming out with music.

And oddly enough I didn't use Metallica or Kiss(even though I found later was impossible). Thought I was going to do a second version with "I was made for lovin' you" for Pat but Kiss is one of those bands you can't use on youtube.

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Looking forward to debuting the Tsubame Gaeshi in 2K20. Assuming the AI bothers to use it, of course.

Edited by Brandon-X

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Hooo boy, 2K20... Good luck man.

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