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Dr. Fumbles OC showcase

Dr. Fumbles

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"The Knockout-machine" Jasmine Rayne (Former MMA star and all around fighter) - Anaheim, CA.

Brawler, powerhouse, submission expert, hardcore

Finisher: "Rayne of Terror" (Gourdbuster GTS)


Amber Saint-Jules (Spunky, racer gal, from down under) - Sydney, Australia
(Loosely based on a char template from Forza Horizon 3)
Showman, high-flyer
Finisher: "Down-under bomb" (blue thunder bomb)


"The Bloodletter" Amelia French (Goth-inspired Vampire; loves toying with her prey) - Parts unknown
Dirty, Brawler, hardcore

Finisher: "The death-wish" (mickie james ddt/girl bye)


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Madam Adelle ( Of the devious and festive sort; loves putting on a show) - Grenoble, France
Showman, dirty
Finisher: "Last Laugh" (eat defeat)

Baroness Johari (A woman of mystique and terror, a formidable Voodoo Shamaness)- parts unknown

Unorthodox style

Finisher: " Sins of Samedi" (swing sit-out facebuster)



"The Glamour Geisha" Hana Shidori (A mixture of Glam rocker and various joshi's) - Land of the Rising Sun

showman, technician, unorthodox

Finisher: "Razzle-Dazzle" (fireman's carry sidewalk-slam)


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"The Go-getter" Lisa Barnes (Very sporty and hip; a bit of a trend-setter) - Chicago, IL

showman, technician

Finisher: Barne-Burner (sit-out spinebuster)



"The Sensational Sista" Carmine Day (Charismatic entertainer, loves the spotlight)- Miami,Florida

Showman, brawler

Finisher: "Day Break" (chickenwing-gutbuster)


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"The southern wildcat" Connie Atwell (Hot-headed, country girl, who's always stirring up trouble) - Austin, Texas

Brawler, powerhouse, showman

Finisher- Dosido (Death Valley Driver)


"The Racer Elite" Zoe Reynolds (Professional speedster and thrill-seeker) - Manhattan, NY

Showman, high flyer, striker

Finisher: " The Hot lap" (mushroom stomp)


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"The Erratic Enigma" Vesper (A Strange woman from parts unknown; can be a complete wildcard at times) - ????

Technician, powerhouse, high-flyer

Finisher: " From the shadows" (Shouten)


Corporeal Evans (Melanie Evans) (Military training under her belt, very smashmouth style) - Norfolk, VA

Brawler, technician, powerhouse, hardcore

Finisher: KIA (Gunnslinger/ swing uranage)


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Knaira the Divine (Holy warrior, who fights on behalf of the Gods) - Mount Olympus

Showman, technical, high flyer

Finisher:" Saint's Edict" (side effect)



"The mentalist" Cynthia Blair (An expert in mind games, boosts an incredibly high intellect) - Westbrook, Maine

technician, high flyer, striker

Finisher: "Mind Blown" (twist cutter)


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Great stuff as always, Doc. Your women's roster is incredibly stacked.




Face updates for a couple of people (including one I haven't introduced yet)


Demi Walker, Jasmine Rayne, Nicole Raymond, Nora Perez

Delilah, Sierra Night, TABBY!, Trina Garcia

Lucia Belova, Belle Ramsland, Bianca Norrie, Celeste Hawthorne



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