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The GRPW Emporium (Huge Update Page 6)

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Male Roster


Brandon X





Name: Brandon X (real name Brandon Duncan)

Location: Windsor Ontario, Canada

Signatures: Running Bicycle Knee, Ripcord Knee

Finishers: Xcalibur (Hammerlock DDT), Xcommunicator (Electric Chair Driver), Xcalibur MK II (not currently in the game)


Tags: Brandon X, GRPW, Xcalibur


NOTES: Currently does not have his kickpads due to warping being even worse for boots this year than last year, if that's even possible. Also, the process of creating Brandon X can be seen over on my twitch channel.




David Creed






Name: David Creed

Location: Chicago Illinois, USA

Signatures: Brainbuster, Wolfsbane (Running bicycle knee from the corner, taken as a way to mock Brandon X during their feud, recieved its name after he put both Aaron Wolf and "The Lone White Wolf" Nicholas Colt out of order temporarily with it)

Finishers: Chicago Spike (rainmaker DDT), Oathbreaker (Kimura)


Tags: David Creed, GRPW, Creed Brothers




Aidric Creed





Name: Aidric Creed

Location: Chicago Illinois, USA

Signatures: Single Leg Knee Strike, Star Burst (Pumphandle Gourdbuster)

Finishers: Burning Star (Fireman Carry Roundhouse Kick), Creed Clutch (STF Camel Clutch)






Asher Smith





Name: Asher Smith

Location: London, England

Signatures: Flying Heel Kick, London Calling (Back Suplex Neckbreaker)

Finishers: Ashes To Asher (butterfly Lungblower), 450 Splash


Tags: Asher Smith, GRPW, Englands Finest


NOTES: Usually has an inverted 450 splash as his second finisher, but after testing I found that the 054 looks awful in-game this year. Seriously needs an update. 450 replaces it for now.




Adrian Cutter





Name: Adrian Cutter

Location: Mt Everett Washington, USA

Signatures: bicycle kick (using new brogue kick), Firemans Carry Neckbreaker

Finishers: Slicer (Rolling The Dice), Tally Mark (Dragon Sleeper with bodyscissors)


Tags: Adrian Cutter, GRPW, tally mark killer


NOTES: finishers are likely to change once DLC starts rolling out. In particular, the Slicer may be replaced with a new Headlock Driver if EC3 should come with one.




Simon Rivers




Name: Simon Rivers

Location: Pembroke North Carolina, USA

Signatures: River Flow (Running Big Boot to a seated opponent), Swinging Sleeper Slam

Finishers: Charons Toll (Inverted headlock lariat neckbreaker), Styx Driver (Cradle sit-out piledriver)


Tags: Uploadable upon request


NOTES: Will be updated in the future when the rest of the members of PROPHECY are finished.




Kyle Reed







Name: Kyle Reed

Location: London, England

Signatures: Package Superkick, Running Dragonrana

Finishers: Swanton Bomb, Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker (Subject To Change)


Tags: Available for download on request




Hide Matsuda





Name: Hide Matsuda


Signatures: Front Facelock STO, Shooting Star Press

Finishers: O-ShiNE (Rowdy Buster), O-ShiNE Kyukyoku (pumphandle Death Valley Driver)










Name: Burncide (real name Eric Thompson)

Location: Unknown

Signatures: Sit-Out Full Nelson Facebuster, Black Spark (Last Shot 2)

Finishers: Black Flame (Spinning Complete Shot/Sister Abigail)






Tarek Arafa





Name: Tarek Arafa

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Signatures: Pyramid Point (Moonstomp), Burning Of Alexandria (S.O.S)

Finishers: Mummifier (Crunchy), Crossing The Nile (running double knees to cornered opponent)






"Submission Saint" Caleb Reeves





Name: Caleb Reeves

Location: England

Signatures: Hammerlock Armbreaker, Suplex Hammerlock Armbreaker

Finishers: Saint Lock (Cobra Clutch Crossface), Any submission hold really






"The Sleeping Dragon" Drake Oxley





Name: Drake Oxley


Signatures: Gourdbuster GTS, Jumping Knee Strike

Finishers: Awakening (GTS, his specific variant (a GTS Muay Thai Knee) isn't in the game), Dragon Fang (sleeper with bodyscissors)






Gabriel Cross



Name: Gabriel Cross (real name Gabe Havel)


Signatures: Chokeslam Backbreaker, Big Boot

Finishers: Inverted Cross (Death Valley Bomb), Superkick






Crossbones Cameron (Update)








Name: Crossbones Cameron (real name Noah Cameron)

Location: Hope, Michigan

Signatures: Diving Elbow Drop, Cross Mega (Eat Defeat)

Finishers: The Scar (White Noise/Air Raid Siren), Skullbreaker (Full Nelson Reverse STO)






Akira Sasaki






Name: Akira Sasaki, 4KIRA


Signatures: Twist Of Fate, Springboard Clothesline

Finishers: Shi No Tenshi (fireman Carry Sit-out Gourdbuster), Diving Corkscrew Moonsault






Ethan Payne






Name: Ethan Payne


Signatures: Belly To Back Facebuster, Sit-Out Powerbomb

Finishers: Pains End (Roode Bomb/Fireman Carry Neckbreaker), The Call (Avalanche Powerslam)






Aaron Wolf




Name: Aaron Wolf

Location: Calgary, Alberta Canada

Signatures: High Impact Clothesline, Dominator

Finishers: Bloody Howl (Tour Of The Islands), Gear Shift Powerbomb (Sit-out Powerbomb)






Tyson Rex




Name: Tyson Rex (real name Tyson Cambell)


Signatures: Brainbuster Onto Knee (may change to spinning Brainbuster), Pop-Up Gutwrench suplex

Finishers: Rexecution (Powerbomb Lungblower), Rexmission (Rings Of Saturn)






Shane Archer




Name: Shane Archer (real name Ryan Archer)

Location: Toronto Ontario Canada

Signatures: Spinning Kick (Black Mass), Full Nelson GTS

Finishers: Archer Driver (Cross-Legged Samoan Driver), Cobalt Arrow (Diving Codebreaker/Codebreaker Variations)






Moneymaker Shane Jones





Name: Shane Jones (real name Tyler Jones Jr.)


Signatures: Leaping Mushroom Stomp (subject to change), Running Leg Lariat in corner

Finishers: Pay Day (Cobra Clutch Slam/Khallas), Seventh Figure (Cloverleaf with knee to back/Lasso From El Paso)






"The Monster Of The Orient" TENMA






Name: TENMA (real name Unknown)

Location: Japan

Signatures: Tombstone Piledriver, Claw Slam

Finishers: Yomi Gate (Sit-Out Last Ride Powerbomb), Ode To Ragnarok (Psycho Driver)









Samantha Coleman




Name: Samantha Jane Coleman

Location: Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Signatures: Jumping DDT, Somersault Leg Drop

Finishers: Nova-Cane (Taste Of Pain), Hypernova Wave (Top Rope DDT)


Tags: Samantha Coleman, GRPW, Canadian Hypernova




"Bloody" Mary Bennett





Name: Mary Bennett (real name Maria Bennett)


Signatures: Tilt-A-Whirl Gourdbuster, Bloody Rynotis (PTO/Scorpion Crosslock)

Finishers: Bloodletter (Spear), Bloody Pike (Rack Attack/TKO)




note: her real finisher isn't in the game, an inverted/reverse sit-out crucifix bomb






The Requiem



Quinn Daring







Rhett Jackson







Names: Quinn Daring and Rhett Jackson

Signatures: Kneeling Facebuster and pop-up Meteora for Quinn, Pumphandle half nelson driver and 360 stinger splash for Rhett

Finishers: Headscissor DDT and Low Down Frog Splash for Quinn, Rhettribution (Firemans Carry Powerbomb) and 450 Splash for Rhett

Tag Team Finisher: Requiem For a Nightmare (school-boy slam/corkscrew elbow combination)


Tags: The Requiem, GRPW, Quinn Daring, Rhett Jackson




The Crane Gang



James Crane






John Crane






Names: John and James Crane

Signatures: Running Haymaker and Diving Neckbreaker for James, Big Boot and East River Crossing for John

Finishers: Fireman Carry Spinebuster for both, Hammerlock Lariat for James, Pumphandle Powerbomb for John

Tag Team Finisher: The Bludgeoning




note: can't currently remember the names I gave their moves







Matt Tempest














Names: Matt Tempest (real name Matthew White) and Orion (real name AJ Kelly)

Signatures: Bang-A-Rang and Lie Detector for Tempest, Running Side Knee (kinshasa) and Running Blockbuster for Orion

Finishers: Storm Watch (Small Package Driver) and Diving Foot Stomp for Tempest, Orions Belt (Somersault Reverse DDT) and 630 Senton for Orion

Tag Team Finisher: Big Bang Hypothesis (Foot Stomp/Sliding Knee Strike combo)







  1. Brandon X
  2. Matt Tempest
  3. Orion
  4. Adrian Cutter
  5. Crossbones Cameron





Before I go into this I want to make this clear. I'm not the kind of guy to go super in-depth to ensure there's no plot holes or to get exact dates or anything like that. This is simply an explanation of how GRPWs storylines, history, and such flow.


So to put it in basic terms, GRPWs overall storytelling tends to go back and forth between two phases. Singles, and faction warfare. Faction Wafare is very important to GRPWs storytelling and identity, and almost everyone in the roster tends to be associated with some faction or another, though when in the "singles" phases of storytelling, most major factions are inactive (such as The Shogunate which only tends to be active when in actual war with another large faction). Sub factions are a bit more irratic, some staying active even when there isn't an active faction war going on.


So for about the first year and a half of GRPWs run, there was no real major company wide story-line going on. It was various wrestlers going after various championships same as any and every other company. This all changed when


CHAPTER 1: The Calling




Ethan Payne arrived on the scene. a large, imposing, and enigmatic dark gimmicked man, no one could quite tell what Ethan Paynes end-game was. While he went undefeated and seemed to relish in hurting opponents, it soon became quite clear that he was trying to tempt certain wrestlers. For what and to what end, no one knew at the time.


However, at GRPW Eclipse, Payne and various wrestlers, including Simon Rivers, Joseph Hunt, The Nuclear Reactor, and more, suddenly began attacking the rest of the roster. This culminated with Payne himself interrupting the heavyweight title match between Brandon X and his best friend James Dunker at the end of the night, taking both men out and proclaiming the start of a powerful faction. The Calling.


The stated goal of The Calling was to allow the men who joined the group, those who believed they had been overlooked and not given the respect and opportunities they deserved, to take it by force. And it worked. Within the first two months, The Nuclear Reactor took the tag team titles from The Requiem, Simon Rivers conquered Akira Sasaki for the J-World championship, and eventually, coasting on his undefeated streak, Payne defeated Brandon X to claim the World Heavyweight championship.


For around four months, The Calling went almost completely un-opposed, the few battles they lost were inconsequential, and it soon became clear that no single competitor could stop The Callings reign of terror.


With that in mind..




Brandon X, considered the ace of GRPW and furious at seeing a single group dismantle a company he had such a big hand in building, decided that if The Calling couldn't be conquered single-handedly, then he'd have to create an opposing force to even the odds. Calling on his "Canadian Ronin" nickname, and filling the ranks with wrestlers he considered good friends and wrestlers he had personally helped to train, X created a group of his own; The Shogunate. Filled with the likes of his TKNA tag member and best friend James Dunker, his wife Lilith Duncan, wrestlers he had trained like Orion and Matt Tempest, Shane Archer, and Sebastian Crow, and others like Akira Sasaki and Aidric Creed, The Shogunate began to match The Calling blow for blow, reclaiming the tag titles at GRPW World War R and managing to put enough pressure on The Calling that cracks in the ranks started to form.


While The Calling was filled with enormous egos and the group as a whole was held together mainly by fear and respect for the still undefeated and seemingly unstoppable Ethan Payne, The Shogunate never seemed to have any real discension, and about a year after The Calling was founded, it looked like they might finally lose their grip at GRPW World Wide, with Supernova likely to defend their tag titles due to Miles Osborne of The Nuclear Reactor suffering injury, Akira Sasaki fully intent on reclaiming the J-World title, and Brandon X going in to his third attempt on reclaiming the World Heavyweight title in the best shape of his life.


It appeared that The Shogunate may be able to get the majority of power away from The Calling that night, but..




Though Sasaki managed to get the J-World title back after a brutal iron-man match with Simon Rivers, things changed during the main event between X and Payne. One of the wrestlers X had trained and allowed into The Shogunate, Sebastian Crow, made his way out in the middle of the match seemingly to give X support. But when the coast was clear and the referee was down due to taking a lariat from Payne that X had dodged, Crow suddenly got inside the ring and smashed X in the face with a steel chair.


The crowd bood and jeered at the betrayer, but Crow didn't seem to care. He allowed Payne to hit Pains End on X for the 3 count, retaining Paynes championship, undefeated streak, and hold over GRPW overall. Crow was welcomed into The Calling, claiming that he had no intention of being stuck in Xs shadow, nor in that of Akira Sasaki or Aidric Creeds.


and true enough, within the next two months, at GRPW Planet Core, Crow defeated Akira Sasaki and reclaimed the J-World title for The Calling.


During this time, The Shogunate was in for a rough time. Brandon X suffered a severe concussion and broken nose due to the chair shot from Crow, and was forced to take time off to heal, and during that time, despite The Shogunates closeness, no one could decide who would lead it for him. The closest choice, James Dunker, seemed more concerned with getting revenge on Payne and Crow specifically instead of stopping The Calling as a whole, and the rest simply weren't up to the task of measuring up against Payne, and so for another two months, Payne was able to easily defeat every Shogunate member that went up against him. Orion, Sasaki, the debuting Asher Smith, and finally Dunker himself who, while able to match Payne at first, fell to a sustained assault half-way through his match.


Finally, Derek Gray and retired wrestler Scotty Dean Lewis, the men who owned and ran GRPW, felt they had to step in and deal with The Calling directly, even though when GRPW started the promised to never involve themselves in the affairs of the wrestling itself, but..




Right before they made the announcement that they would force The Calling to end or else be removed from GRPW completely, Payne came out and made it clear that if either Gray or Lewis were to fire even a single member of The Calling, then they would still show up and simply tear GRPW itself down around them. But at this moment, Brandon X returned, sporting a new look and gear. Flanked by the other members of The Shogunate, Brandon X got in the ring and offered up a third solution to both Payne and Gray & Lewis.


X would challenge Payne to one last match for the GRPW World Heavyweight championship. No interference from either side would be permitted, any who did would be immediately fired. If X lost, he agreed to immediately disband The Shogunate and would himself leave the company for good, and Gray and Lewis would hand over the rights of the company to Payne. However, if X won and finally ended Paynes undefeated streak, Payne would be forced to disband The Calling and refrain from leading any other groups.


Though Gray was very much against this wager, Scotty Dean Lewis (who had trained Brandon X and knew him probably better than anyone else in the company save maybe for James Dunker) agreed to it. Payne also agreed, whether it be out of malice, arrogance, or both is unknown. The match would take place at Cyber Warfare, and would be the first ever Global Ascension match, a two out of three falls anything goes match.


Cyber Warfare came, and through the night, Supernova managed to retain the tag championships, but Sebastian Crow also managed to retain the J-World title against Asher Smith following a low blow and Crows Wings that the referee didn't see.


finally, Brandon X and Ethan Payne faced off again, in Xs first match back. it quickly became obvious that Brandon X had worked on his striking, developing the style of wrestling he would become known for using, and this was the first match that we saw his bicycle knee. However, Payne took the first fall, hitting X with Pains End onto a table. X managed to avoid a second pin-fall immediately after, however, getting his foot up on the rope. during the second phase of the match, X abused his bicycle knee voraciously, though it always seemed to be out of desperation to keep Payne off of him long enough for X to regain his breath.


The turning point came when X hit another Bicycle knee while Payne was holding a steel chair, knocking the chair back into Paynes face and giving X enough time to set up a dropkick on the apron followed by The Xcommunicator to tie the match 1 to 1. Both men were spent, and Payne became frustrated once he recovered enough to remember what was going on.


At this point, Payne abandoned his usual style of going out of his way to cause as much pain as possible and instead focused on being as brutal as he could, doing anything and everything to keep X down, including using a steel chair on his nose again. Payne attempted Pains End twice, but both times were reversed. incensed, Payne brutalized X with multiple lariats before setting up and hitting The Call on X. Payne likely would have won if he could have capitalized, but Payne wasn't used to these long matches and hadn't been pacing himself in the last third, and thus found he couldn't cover X before X started to recover.


As both men slowly rose to their feet, Payne became desperate, realizing how much better X had paced himself in comparison, and tried to hit another Pains End on X. X managed to reverse out of it at the last second and Payne fell on the chair from earlier, dazing him. X took advantage, and hit his new finisher, The Xcalibur, a hammerlock DDT, on Payne back on the chair for the third and deciding pinfall. X had won back the world heavyweight title and ended Paynes undefeated streak, thus forcing him to disband The Calling. Though Simon Rivers and Sebastian Crow were still waiting in the wings..


to be continued in Chapter 2: Faction Civil War & The Advent of David Creed




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I intend to showcase my newest guy, David Creed a lot as my new big main heel.

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Kinda like Davey Richards meets Pete Dunne, lone wolf type why acts heelish even when hes a face, and very opportunistic.


And of course, feuding and teaming with his brother Aedric.

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First two will be Brandon X and David Creed. After that ill focus in getting out the guys on the BPW roster.

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I've got Brandon Xs moveset in 2K18 typed out (which was hell on the fingers) so I can have him done on day one for the most part. David is what i'm not too sure about, I feel I might need to make some moveset adjustments to him too.

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I saved all of my movesets to video clips, so I wouldnt have to type them out, just use the save video clip of you going through their moveset, should not take you more than 1 to 2 minutes to do.

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I would do that if not for my habit of forgetting to delete the files once i'm done with them, and with RDR2 on the horizon with 105 GB, I need all the space I can get.

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I would do that if not for my habit of forgetting to delete the files once i'm done with them, and with RDR2 on the horizon with 105 GB, I need all the space I can get.

If you do save a video you could always upload to some like youtube with private access so you don't have to worry about deleting it.


that is insane though. 105 gb.

There are already some games with that high of install size like ESO

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Game unlocks at midnight but I think i'll save streaming and making Brandon X for tomorrow.

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Kinda just wanna jump into Career mode and get used to the game a bit, before I go and make him.

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Hey, i'm all for a fun story for our caws, and to be honest, I can tolerate a lot as long as the stupid "eliminate 12 dudes while standing upside down wearing a poncho you've named Jimmy" stipulations aren't there anymore.

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in one game, I had to beat 100 people, it was in samurai spirit I believe for ps 2, one after the other, took me a few hours to do. I remember I was so stoked once I started getting on up there. It took me awhiile to learn everything.

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I don't recall playing that, but there was Way Of The Samurai 3 and 4 which enjoys setting you up to take on multiple enemies at once up to 100. Even had to watch your health and weapon durability the entire time, as if it were stamina and such.


Good games, miss em. Really wish we could've gotten a Way Of The Samurai 5.


Anyway yeah, tonight is just career mode and some other lazy creation messing around, tomorrow is earnest creation.

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wait I think it was way of the samurai, to unlock the school level, you had to beat all of the students and all of the instructors which totalled 100. thinking back on it it took me a few hours, and I lost track of time doing it.

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You probably know this by now, but it actually is possible to give your CAW custom sideplates. They can be created in the Create a Championship section and can also be selected in MyCareer

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Alright, i'm off to bed. Will be updating the page and uploading Brandon X and David Creed when I get on tomorrow.

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Both Brandon X and David Creed are up and can be seen in the first post.

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