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Start a caw wrestling league

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I want to start a caw wrestling league on Youtube.

I want it to be the biggest caw wrestling show on Youtube.



I need a commentary team & a backstage interviewer.

Someone to capture & edit the weekly shows & Cpvs.


I need caw wrestlers. Send me a picture of caw superstar.

10 women caw wrestlers

20 male caw wrestlers


I will create the Youtube account for the caw wrestling league.

I will create the website for the caw wrestling league.


I will give the person who captures the show & edits the show the password to the Youtube account so they can post it weekly.


I want to create something people can get locked into and watch faithfully.


If you interested in joining the CAW WRESTLING ALLIANCE (CWA), email me at nichwhite2018@gmail.com

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lol yeah, why are you even necessary in this equation? You want a group of people to do literally every piece of work involved in a weekly show and then take the credit. And having done one of these shows myself, I can tell you takes several hours a week to get it done, so this just isn't a fair deal for anyone who'd agree to this.

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