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4 horsewoman logo

unwatned aparently  gone

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hi all i have on my console all 4 horsewomen of ufc (or mma)

i have found online most of them logo(exept 2 but one had a shirt wiht a logo on it that i used)


i used those logo to make their entrance video

so far

the 2 already in wwe are the best one

and i have one for the 4 horsewomen too


so im looking for some one who could make me good looking

Marina "supernova from moldova" , Shafir

and if possible a better for Jessamyn Duke cause the one i have presently are just plain word saying jessamyn the gun duke (on 3 line)



what i do is useonly those logo as picture and stay fix


if you want to give it a try and make all 4 of them but with mixed wiht the 4 horsewomen logo (example use the rowdy logo with the 3 horsement logo over it)

you can too but i want a good looking logo for

marina shafir


Jessamyn "The Gun" Duke


ill need them to be able to use it on both games (2k18 and when 2k19 is realased to use it there too cause i plan on having them there too

i dont share on line my stuff so you can send me the logo in private or if you rather do it for both game when 2k19 is released if you promess to upload them fast so i can have them even if it mean before to have the caws of them

im on xbox one


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