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I started playing GM Mode because I bought a PS2 and thought *Censored* it, GM Mode will do just nicely. People probably wont read this, but I figured Id post my roster anyway. I choose to be Monday Night RAW.


CM Punk - Face

Edge - Heel

Jeff Hardy - Face

John Cena - Face

JTG - Heel

Kelly Kelly - Face

Matt Hardy - Face

Michelle McCool - Heel

Mickie James - Face

Mr Kennedy - Heel

Randy Orton - Heel

Shad - Heel

Torrie Wilson - Heel

Umaga - Heel

Undertaker - Face


RAW Week One:

Match One:

WWE Womens Championship

Kelly Kelly def. Torrie Wilson, Mickie James & Michelle McCool, via K2 to Wilson.


Match Two:

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Umaga def. CM Punk, via Samoan Spike


Match Three:

World Tag Team Championships; Hardcore Match

Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad) def. The Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy), via Samoan Drop from Shad to Jeff.


Match Four:

Randy Orton def. Mr Kennedy, via RKO


Main Event:

WWE Championship; Steel Cage Match

John Cena def. Edge & Undertaker, via escaping the cage.

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