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I'm not a fan of it...but people talking shit about it is hilarious to me. I mean...it's fine. Aesthetically, it looks better than that leaked concept of the PS5. It's just very basic, and the orientation will limit where people can put it. But...yeah...there's nothing wrong with it at all. :lol:

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*SIGH* I wasted hours watching the Video Game Awards waiting on/hoping for the next Arkham game to be announced. I also heard some weird AF rumors how Telltale are re making Batman with different voice actors. NO


Atleast we got our 2nd conformation for Wolf Among Us 2(1st was right before thet shut down, now they are back) GOD I loved Wolf Among Us, I went to the Telltale forums while it was still releasing, read and made my own theories about it. And a theory of mine was right. Wont spoil it for those who havent played it yet

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and have proper backwards compatibility instead of needing to patch it in game by game. I got a bunch of games that ain't popular enough to get individual patches.


That's not how it works.


they emulate the games from Xbox and 360, so they have to get the licence individually. It's the same for the PS with PS now.


The list will remain the same it currently is, until they add more that is.


Most games that currently aren't never will be because either the licence is too expensive, the owners wont allow it, or the company that makes it no longer exists.


This will launch with compat for all Xbox One games (as their license counts as part of Xbox One, and this new console wont be emulating it), and all games currently backwards on XBO from 360 and OG Xbox.


it's impossible for Xbox One and PS4 to play old gen games without emulating them, and Sony, unlike MS, don't think it's worth setting it up for all those PS3 games (if they did, they'd have a pretty similar list to Xbox One)

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