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I'm looking forward to the new Saints Row. Obviously,  that trailer was all cgi and not in-game...but everything about that gave me vibes of Saints Row 1&2 instead of the joke that series became. I feel like this should help with the wait for GTA6 a considerable amount. And it literally came out of nowhere. I didn't even know they were developing a new game. I didn't catch any "woke" vibes, and I'm not really sure what that even means in the context of that trailer. It did feel corny at times and some of the character designs felt like they were Fortnite adjacent. BUT...as I said, it's clearly a cgi trailer. That shit doesn't bother me. Gameplay is a different story.

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6 hours ago, The Nerd said:

I don’t like that we haven’t seen any more gameplay of Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad by now. I know it’s coming next year but damn. Nothing? 

Yeah, but i guess they will do heavy stuff on that 2022.
No reason to do any marketing when the games come out later 2022.

But to be honest, Gotham Knights isnt high on my hype list.
They do with this game everything i ever wanted from a Batfamily game...but take out Batman...that sucks quite a bit to me as Batman fan first and foremost.
But i give them the chance to get me excited.

SS i first want to see ingame stuff before judging, the cgi trailer looked neat but im past getting hyped by stuff like that.

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Finally finished Deathloop. With the happiest of endings I could’ve ever wanted. Shoutout to Arkane, those guys really created an AMAZING piece of ART. I’m speechless and just in awe. I kept asking where are the side missions but then I realize the investigating and connected moments are the side missions technically. I still have weapons and slabs to collect and codes and so much to keep playing for. *Censored* this game is amazing. 

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I couldn't take anymore when Neil Suckmann came out. I don't know anything about It Takes Two so I'm not going to hate on it. I was only watching for the NRS announcement that never happened. So that was a complete waste of my time, I have got to stop giving rumors a second thought.

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Not one of the damn games I wanted to actually see was there. No Fable, No Avowed, no Dragons Dogma 2, no ResiEvil 4 Remake, not even a lot of the neat smaller games that were announced a year back, like that Crimson Desert game.

But Tunic is still a thing, I guess. Yay.

Also, could someone please explain to me when and why characters in shitty art styles dancing became the height of comedy to these *censored*ing hack developers? *Censored* Fortnite and its goddamn influence on these trend chasing brain twits..

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I really regret that i didnt watched it live, but it was just too late on here...2 in the morning, way too late and i was tired.

Wonder Woman,Suicide Squad,Hellblade 2, Star wars eclipse,Evil west,Steelrising,Metal Hellsinger, Space marine 2,Slitterhead,Tchia,Texas Chainsaw Massacre all looked very promising.
Seems the next few years could be rather expensive for me.
So many games that capture my interest.

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