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Do you think importing titantrons will ever be put in the games?

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@daartist it still wonder hinder if you could upload titantrons and custom music. Look at Rydees Adam cole for example (imagine had titantron and music..).


The biggest hope for annual releases is the new roster as nothing else progresses, really? Give us the option... I for one wouldnt bother.


@Rekka it was at people saying the technology isnt there and blaming Sony/PS4. When it clearly is..

The only way theyll add titantrons/themes etc as custom uploading options, will be when gameplay is the sale rather than the roster. Unfortunately, I cant see that to be the case going by the last two years. Same bugs, glitches, Universe mode minus one or two things and walking in my career.


Why buy an exclusive edition for DLC, when you can have a quality caw maker make the wrestler and add their titantron/music? Regardless what anyone says, there will be a group who would t even buy DLC if that was available..


Its the sales/progress of the game that is stopping the above, not technology



Creation mode is to amazing/life like models from the best creators, to have custom themes/titantrons as an option imo. All about the profit n dat*

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I cant believe how many times ive had to explain that MLB is a special case. I should just put the damn thing in my signature at this rate.


But it doesnt matter, the technology is there.



Technology for


A: a game exclusive to one system

B: a game with a much higher budget

C: a system in which Sony reportedly had a direct hand in helping to create

D: a system with some severe restrictions last I heard

E: a system designed to make use of extra room on a disc, which from what i can tell is going to continue to be something of an issue on 2Ks part until they get the time to purge useless code and assets

F: a system that as useful and cool as it is, should come after the bug issue plaguing the series is dealt with.


The technology for a lot of things is there in this world, doesn't always make it viable.

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I get you chap.


Youre missing the point. Unless you genuinely believe (obviously opinions, including mine) technology restrictions is the sole reason why they arent doing titantrons/themes. When imo, its profit/continuity based on the annual game they release, be a risk to profit margins, as their main selling point is roster and would risk taking that away, as a titantron/theme for CAWS (which look like in game models), could stop people buying the game or DLC due to this. Especially as the games arent that difference/offer different game modes and/or a real improvement on the last.

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