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Money Makerz GFX Shop (2018 - 2019)


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Hello I am graphic designer. I am currently sharing my works on another Turkish wrestling forum. But I decided to share my works on this forum too.

Here its you can see my works on below post.

And you can request any avatar or banner too.

Current sizes I've working:

For avatar: 150x250 and 150x300

For banner: No limitations

You can request anything, like football players, girls, wrestlers etc.

Hope you like my work. :)


UGCGPA.png CCVPMa.png 8CAMIR.png zyHKMb.pngT168zc.png 1yeb30.png GAfd6C.png UKRWR9.pngQ3AH11.png WP1yS8.png 3z8dbd.png VSO8C2.png7WTb7b.png IQ3dWN.png LdRd7e.png fVA3RJ.pngbdI8UG.png 0LBJ6V.png BMNRax.png aCPLRL.pngVH605I.png



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