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Rivalry Glitch

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I don't know if this has already been posted, I've tried doing a search but had no real luck.


Basically, there's a glitch with rivalries in my game and I'm wondering if anyone else has come across it/knows a fix. So, I had Sheamus & Cesaro lined up to win the RAW tag championships from Seth/Dean at Wrestlemania - injuring Dean in the process. But, when I tried to place them in a rivalry it wouldn't let me.


Taking a look at the tag team creation screen, I could see that Cesaro & Sheamus were listed as being in a rivalry with Kane/Big Show under the "rivalries" tab of the tag team info. On their tag team info screen, Kane/Big Show were also shown to be in a rivalry with Cesaro & Sheamus.


From there, I went into the rivalries screen and there are no signs of these rivalries so I couldn't delete it, and thus, all four of these guys are not able to enter new rivalries.


This was fine at first and I was just going to swap over the titles without a rivalry. But now I've seen American Alpha have a rivalry listed on their tag team info screen with Sheamus & Cesaro - while they still have the "rivalry" with Kane/Big Show listed on theirs - so the problem is spreading.


Does anyone know a fix for this? Or am I just better off restarting universe at Wrestlemania?

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I started having this problem when I deleted a stable who was tag champions of another promotion I no longer used.


Go through your tag titles and make sure none are allocated that arent a tag in your universe


It cleaned it up a bit for me!

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