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Logos for CAW company, ppv's and shows

Sway Bravo

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Well why don't you tell us what you're looking for (style, name of company, etc.) so people can throw their hat in without going in blind? That way you might get some more people answers, quicker.

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Oh thanks for replying, I just now saw this so I apologize for not answering sooner. As far as company name goes, we had decided to do UWA, but I've found out that someone on this sight already uses that name so I decided to go with Axxess Wrestling League. We were planning to have a total of 4 brands:

1. Havok is pretty much the A show with the biggest stars that we have created. It's pretty much Raw meets ECW in a way, if that's confusing, I mean it's the mainstream show similar to how Raw is presented, it focuses mainly on the guys and big money matches but it also focuses more on the hardcore side of wrestling. This brand has 4 titles: AWL Underground Championship, AWL Hardcore Championship, AWL Tag Team Championship & AWL Women's Championship. Rampage is my buddy's brand

2. Revolution is pretty much the underdog brand with former midcarders in the world title scene & cruiserweights in the mid card, but the main focus of the brand is the women's division. This brand has 4 titles, the AWL Championship, AWL Cruiserweight Championship, AWL Iron Star Championship, and the AWl Iron Star Tag Team Championship. I wanted this brand to be a bit more flashy than Havok. This one is my brand

3. The 3rd brand & 4th brand are both developmental brands , but one is for the men and the other is for the women. The men's developmental is called 3 Count Academy or 3CA for short. It has 3 titles, 3CA Championship, 3CA Internet Championship & 3CA tag team championships

4. The aforementioned 4th brand is 3CA Tyranny. This brand is the all women's developmental brand. It also has 2 titles, 3CA Women's Championship & 3CA Women's Tag Team Championships.


We have a total of 12 ppv's, 6 that we share then we have 3 each separately for the main roster then 3CA has 4 ppv's. My ppv's are Warpath, Rise of Champions and Equinox. The 6 that we share are Civil War (our survivor series), World at War, Finest Hour (our WrestleMania), WarBound, Luck of the Draw (our MITB pretty much mixed with the concept of Feast or Fired), Gold Rush, and Foreign Affairs (obviously just a ppv that never takes place in America).


I apologize for the long post but I do appreciate if anyone takes the time to read all or most of it. I also understand if it's asking too much lol but thanks again for your time

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