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A 1-1 result against a really young and inexperienced USMNT is not what you want going into the World Cup me thinks. Still i love the youth movement. Mizaga and Parker could be a force tandem at CB especially with Tyler running around like a madman ahead of them and Steffen behind them in goal.

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World Cup 2026: Canada, US & Mexico joint bid wins right to host tournament:




That's such a dumb host lol, it's bascially the entire North America


And like, Canada and Mexico aint really gonna get many games, it's just 90% USA. edit: the official is that USA gets 60 games, Mexico 10 and Canada 10. ...lol


It'll be Canada's first - and only - World Cup.


Wonder what it means for NA qualifying? cuz with the two best teams gone, it either means they just delete qualifying to not get a bunch of shit teams from NA, or... we get a bunch of shit teams from NA, alongside these three.


Or all three still have to try and qualify anyway which would be funny when Canada aren't there (and maybe even USA, they did *Censored* up this time too)

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Even if USA, Mexico and Canada all qualify automatically, there will still need to be CONCACAF qualifiers.


The 2026 World Cup will have 48 teams in it, with 8 teams from Asia, 9 teams from Africa, 6 teams from North and Central America, 6 teams from South America, 1 team from Oceania, 16 teams from Europe, plus 2 final spots available in a mini play-off tournament.


So there would still be 3 spots for the teams in CONCACAF to be determined.

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Sucks for Mexico and Canada to only get 10 games total and none in the elimination round, but if those countries, especially Mexico gets to host all of it's countries group games then it will make up for it.


I'd say it sucks more for Mexico, Canada will be thrilled. It's their only chance to ever make the World Cup. Kinda like if there was a "Japan-South Korea-India-China". India/China would bite their hands off to get a free qualification even if it only meant 10 games

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What's the national stadium of the US? Like, where would the final take place?


The final is set to take place at MetLife Stadium in New York. I'm guessing the Semi Finals would be in places like Atlanta, Seattle, Toronto and Miami.


With the exception of Atlanta, Toronto and Seattle, I don't see any MLS stadia really being used - as their capacities are probably too low for World Cup venues.

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Cool. Thank you for clarifying.



On another note:


All that palava about Fulham going to Wembley for the first time since 1975, and we get Spurs away in our second game of the 2018/2019 season, which looks to be taking place at Wembley :lol:



It's all because they want the first game at their new stadium to be against Liverpool, who are their second home game of the season...

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