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Still think Jose is the problem. Everyone looked just ok all season, and pretty stellar at the World Cup.


I like Jose, was really glad we got him, and I want it to work out - but I'm starting to question him. But then if we change manager again, there's another period of evaluation, a change in transfer targets (and no time to get them in this year) and then of course getting out the players he doesn't want.


I agree that if he doesn't win the League or the Champions League this season that he's gone however.

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Starting with an away win against WBA LMFAO. We won one away game last season. Clearly we're getting promoted


First time in the top half of the Championship since 2014... am I in heaven?


Only our second Champs away win in three years

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Our stadium is now the "University of Bolton Stadium"


I guess no one wanted to sponsor our stadium lol

Step in and make it the "Muurcus Stadium"



If I had like 2 million to waste I would for the banter

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Zlatan got a hat-trick today. Didn't even know the Galaxy were playing but this guy has really made this season fun to watch.


Him and that Martinez guy in Atlanta.

Martinez guy got two more goals today, one a pk. Only needs 1 more goal to set the all time league record. Will probably end up scoring over 30 goals by seasons end. Also scored one in the all star game.

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