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Which teams and stables are must haves?


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Basically Most of NJPW Stables outside Taguchi Japan so Bullet club Los Ingobernables De Japon Suzuki-gun and Chaos also for tag teams add in the Golden Lovers and the Guerrillas of Destiny


Starting With The Bullet Club for cody marty scurll and the young bucks search for ryeedee hangman page search for defract and bad luck fale search for cybruis.


Next Chaos Kazuchika Okada is by Defract which i think is much better than Ryee's Okada in my opinion Ospreay is by Ryeedee as well Ishii Jay White and Goto are by defract and Roppungi 3k are by Gazwefc


Next LIJ Naito is by Ryeedee Bushi is by Ligerbomb25 Evil just search for him Hiromu is by Defract and Sanada is by Gazwefc


Then Suzuki-Gun Suzuki is by NWOldSkool Sabre Jr is by Defract El Desperado is by Ligerbomb25 i haven't found a good kanemaru yet


Next Golden Lovers Ibushi Is By Ryeedee and Omega i mean it depends both Defract and Ryeedee are Great personally i like defract more but you can go ryee as well


As For the Guerrillas of Destiny They Are both by ryeedee

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