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The Story Of Billy !


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Billy Joe Wyatt

From: Your Darkest Fears



She follows him he has said. When billy was just a kid he lost his sister in a horrible accident.

He went to many psychiatrist to try and get over the pain of his lost. He grew up a tortured soul. Mom was never home and dad never came around. He had to grow fast. One early summer morning Billy had heard screams outside. and he had seen his adopted sister horako laying on the ground. Billy was terrified and afraid wondering what had happen. Hours later his sister had passed and it left billy sad and heary broken. he always told himself the only thing that makes him happy is gone. Billy joe perused wrestling in 2010 training in the NHW Facility. Billy Joe Wyatt says that he sees his sisters shadow. He feeds off the pain of others and laughs as they scream in pain and agony. unleashing the rage upon his opponents. The Shattered soul of a man he has vowed to do it all in the memory of his sister. But the voice of his sister plays it part " get them for me brother" make them suffer. as she says. Billy is currently 27 years old and has been a former world. champion holding the title 214 days . his last memory of his sister is a black towel that he wears to the ring to feed upon her spirit.



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