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Suggestions for WWE 2K14 Universe mode? Best practices? Avoiding glitches?

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Hi guys, I'm finally done creating my 51 CAWs after 1,5 years and I'm ready to hit the universe mode for the first time ever in any WWE game.

And I wonder what advice you would have for me in order to enjoy WWE Universe mode to the fullest?

I have heard about some glitches in the past where manually made tag teams and stables can be broken? And is there a possibility of CAWs' movesets be somehow damaged? I'm not sure if the last one is correct. Are there any more ugly glitches I should look out for?

Ideally I hope to play with all my 51 CAWs randomly against the CPU wwe superstars and between CAWs. Should I make for example SmackDown with only CAWs on its roster and RAW - with superstars + caws?

What it the true way of enjoying universe mode? How should I go about it. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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