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- Asked for mixed tag/intergender matches to make a return


- Shitted on the submission system. It sucks


- Asked to assign managers in universe mode as well as to create at least 4-5 rivalries instead of


- Rolling updates that include different superstars + moves throughout the year instead of making us pay for a new game every year with the same shit. Just give us a game every other year with actual improvements and game play

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-The lack of PROPER sliders. The body type feature this year was nice, but it doesn't come anywhere close to replacing the normal sliders from the older games. It also doesn't help that there's very little you can do to things like arms and legs.
-The lack of custom hair
-Breasts sliders. Please bring it back. Butt too.
-The seemingly arbitrary restrictions of not being able to use certain parts with other parts like a lot of shirts and jackets not being wearable with certain hairstyles long or short. And there was one instance where I couldn't wear kneepads (the ones that go up to the thighs) because I was wearing ankle socks. At first I thought it may have been to avoid clipping or something of that nature, but between those two scenarios I just described and many more, it comes off as completely arbitrary.
-The lack of new hairstyle and clothing
-There needs to be a lot more generic logo designs. The fact that there isn't even a triangle just seems strange to me.
-6 and 8-man matches are very limited in what you can do in match creator.
CAW Mode
-More anime/video game inspired stuff like the Super Saiyan hair. (e.g. more DBZ hair, Chun-Li hair and maybe something resembling her clothes, R.Mika hair + clothes, Miku Hatsune hair+ clothes, Rumble Roses stuff, etc.)
-A LOT more long hair
-Cutom hair (In the vein of Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag 2[preferably 6])
-To be able to wear a hat with the Mario & Luigi heads
-Custom A.I.
-Custom hair
-Some kind of return of paint tool for people who either don't have/can't use actual image editing programs, don't have access to the internet, or simply may have something simple they want to make, but can't be bothered enough to deal with photoshop
-Tekken 6 styled custom hair
-More multicolored hair because while the hair dye feature is much appreciated, a lot of times, (at least for me) it also looks kind of sloppy and far from as good as the in game style like Seth Rollins' old hair or the other hair style from older games.
-Strapless bras.
-New Day's WrestleMania 32 attires
-Tekken 6 styled custom hair
-Non-skin tight masks
-The ability to use letters for the announce name in
-More logo slots for side plates
-More original templates like the heart (or at least as far as I know)
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