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After years & years of doing this I'm finally posting something. Before I share I'll give a brief backstory. I've been creating wrestlers since No Mercy on the N64 & WWF Warzone on the PS1. My friends & I would get together all create wrestlers & just duke it out. When the PS2 days came around we would have 2 multi taps hooked up doing rumbles & ladder matches. Since then I have always re created all off the wrestlers in every wrestling game. Around 2002-2003 I had to do a project in High school based on a business. I decided to create a promotion based on our CAWs, Extreme Wrestling Entertainment was born. I later started using Empire instead of Entertainment, either way I kinda feel the name is over used but I'v been using for so long now. Here we are 2018 & I'm still making the same wrestlers & letting everything play out on Twitch. Next Level Pro aka NLP, over the years I've gained a massive group of wrestlers from friends & my own creations. For the past few years I just had one company but split in 2 brands. I decided to keep things fresh by making another brand.


I'm working on getting pix of all wrestlers so just hang in there. Feel free to take a look on my twitch page. Any follows are greatly appreciated.






Wildcard (Face) The Savior (Heel) Me



Damien Cross - Tag Team - The Disciples



The Monster Gabriel - Tag Team - The Disciples



Macho Dragon



Mr 80's Himself EVD Eddie Van Diamond



"The Ultimate Jobber" Devin Danger



The Overgiver



Dutch - Tag Team - The Madmen



The Fist - Tag Team - The Madmen



Billy Bandito - Faction - La Familia



Diablo Loco - Faction - La Familia









"Super Freak" Ricky Velvet



Tiger Millionaire



The Unofficial Official Emmitt Shortchange



Jeremiah "The Bullfrog" Jordan



Kurt King



Suicide Dragon - Tag Team - The Blood Brothers



"The Butcher" Yuri Yamashita - Tag Team - The Blood Brothers



Pete Royal - Tag Team - The Empire of Pain



"The Fresh Prince of EWE" Prince Ali - Tag Team - The Empire of Pain



The Gimp



Brutal Bunny



Billy Booger



"The Judge" Crunchy








"Hollywood Blockbuster" Richie Goldman






Action Jackson



"The Guido Sensation" Tony D



"Band Geek" Benny Jenkins



Justin Case - Tag Team - The Country Boys



Kenny Lunchbox - Tag Team - The Country Boys



Dirty T - Tag Team - Dirty Money



JD Money - Tag Team - Dirty Money



ODP Old Dirty Panda



"The Queen" Jordan Heavenly



Jordan Heavenly's Personal Bodyguard The Corporate Clown



Dank Spicey (My sisters horrible creation)



"The Spaz" Morgan Black - Tag Team - The Freak Show



Menace - Tag Team - The Freak Show






"The Flying Hawaiian" Johnny Tsunami






Mad Dog



"The French Kiss" Jaques Simone



"The Old Guy" Jack Rider



"The Lazer" Big Chen - Tag Team - The Light Show



Blue Lightning - Tag Team - The Light Show






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Thanks! So I just updated with some wrestlers in my 1st post. Honestly making the pics is harder then creating a wrestler. Anyway, can I just keep adding to that 1st post or should I just post on the bottom? I have tons more pix to come just really tired of doing it right now.

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I've updated the 1st post with all the pix I've taken. I have a good bit more being reworked or built so no pix for them. As for posting on the CC, after all of these years I've never done it. I normally keep to myself & just let everything play out in the Universe Mode. But if people are wanting to use these I have no problem uploading. I also have 14 arenas, 2 weekly shows & 12 ppvs. When I get a chance I'll snap a shot & post here.

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Thanks guys! I always thought this was cool, & I have a few that tune in to watch but it's nice to see people enjoy it. I'm working on some more pictures, more wrestlers, rings & belts. I'll for sure start to upload these guys when I get a chance or remember. Normally when I log on 2k18 I have so many damn ideas I just start knocking stuff out. I love the outlandish gimmicks but the smaller fed vibe like an ECW, ROH or Chikara


EWE Arena - Im working on a new image for the center of the ring.




EWE Hardcore Title


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It may seem like a lot but to me that's the fun, like thats why I get this game. I love creating (I'm a wannabe writer). I seriously have about 6 or 7 more wrestlers in the works, I'm always going back and re-editing guys. The CC & Universe mode is all I use in this game. It was really heartbreaking last year when I built everything got 1 week in my universe & had that damn corrupted data glitch. I've been crazy biz with work, few other games & all the WWE this weekend. NXT was awesome! I will try & get some guys uploaded, I dont care if you change their moves up a bit (lmk you may have a better idea) just give me some credit & a follow on twitch would be huge for me. I've been struggling to break 30 followers for a while now. I stream EWE/NLP on Thursdays @ 8pm est & has been on friday or sat but I'm gonna try & make it weds & thurs from now on. I just let the universe play out & talk trash with my friends. Feel free to stop in & join in the convo.

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I'm having my 1st cross promotional PPV tonight, since the debut of NLP. EWE/NLP Dog Days. It's my August PPV with the Main event having a traditional SS tag match. I will start up the stream around 8pm'ish est. I gotta do some daily logins.


NLP Arena



The Voodooman Don Hex



Dank Spicy Update - I really hated the look & the whole meme gimmick my sister gave it. So I toned it down just a bit & focused on the unicorn look really just because there's so much unicorn crap in the game.




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I just uploaded Eddie Van Diamond, Ricky Velvet, Prince Ali, Dirty T & Hulkomaniaco. As of right now I can only upload 5, if you have any input on how you made them better please feel free to lmk. Also if you like my stuff give me a like on twitch. Thanks.


Tags - EWE & NLP

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Will do and personally I think there all fine, great work ! ?

Hey mate I hate to tell you this but hulkomaniaco has that problem where the logos are invisible

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Well shit! Man, I'm not sure what to do then. I have a feeling that non of my images will show up then. I go back & re-edit all the time. NTM on someone like Hulko I have the texture on the face & the mask. So i have to go back and edit to align them properly. That really sucks!

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Well I downloaded fresh prince Ali and his logos are alright I haven't downloaded any of the others so I can't say , but if you want I could download the rest and tell you if anyone else is affective ? ?

I just downloaded the rest of them and it seems it's just hulkomaniaco

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I've been slacking on my fed here & on twitch. Been balls deep in Monster Hunter World. Trying to get a fix on Hulko, if I can rank up in downloads I'll also upload some more wrestlers. I've been trying to rework all of my ppvs now that I have 2 brands at each event, I just can't have EWE logos plastered everywhere.

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Been a while since my last post. Anyway, just to update EWE is streamed at 8pm est on weds. NLP is on friday nights at 8pm. I do ppv's on sat. This saturday is my November ppv Thankskilling, two elimination chamber matches & some table matches. I've updated my rosters a bit. Rebranding a few guys, deleting a few & making some trades. I feel if I can keep each roster under 30 it makes a more dynamic universe mode. Please stop in check out the show & chat with me. It would be great to get some more followers. Twitch.tv/WildcardLL85

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Dude, I'm really impressed with your work here.

I would make some requests for you to upload to CC but I really can't decide.

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Damn dude, I thoroughly, thoroughly impressed by all your hard work on these caws and creations. Well done sir, well done.

Sucks balls about the limit you have for uploading though.



If I may, I'd ask for these guys:


-Wildcard/The Savior

-The Fist

-The Disciples Damien Cross and Gabriel


-Tiger Millionaire

-"The Guido Sensation" Tony D

-Old Dirty Panda

-Suicide Dragon

-Billy Bandito


-"Hollywood Blockbuster" Richie Goldman.


If nothing else at the very least Wildcard( really want him), The Fist, Dutch and the Disciples.


Thank you.






Just followed you on Twitch and Twitter btw.


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I really appreciate it. I'll do my best to maybe take down what's currently up & upload some new guys. Like I mentioned in my last post I've made a few changes. Otunga, Primetime & French Kiss have been released. 13 has been combined with Rampage & Hazard(two other wrestlers I was working on) He now goes buy the name Menace. All of his moves are real sketchy drops. I completed the 3rd member of La Familia Numerico. Johnny Tsunami has a new look & is the current NLP TV Champ. Mad Dog was traded to EWE for Tiger Millionaire who is now in a Tag Team with Richie Goldman aka "The Rich & Famous" I'm going to see Deadpool 2 tonight. NLP will be live when I get home. I'll post up on twitter when I go live. Oh & I finally got a pretty good look for "The Lotus" Yoshi Suzuki.

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Appreciate it. Damn, seems like a lot of good choices might not be available anymore, but I do appreciate you doing what you can. If I can get at least The Fist and Wildcard I'll be a very happy camper.

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