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Jeff Hardy Slot 9 (4 Attires) Added 25/08/2018

High Flying Maniac

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Made his hair slightly lighter and added the shaved sides. Hair dye is the same on all attires.




Search tags for all are HFM, JEFF HARDY, HARDYZ-WONT_DIE


Slot 1 (WM 25 + Sky Blue Spandex)







Slot 2 (Extreme Rules + Black Spandex)







Slot 3 (Genesis 2013 Inspired)







Slot 4 (White/Grey/Black Armbands + Dark Red Spandex)







Slot 5 (Black and White Tie Dye + Shiny Black Spandex)





Slot 6 (Antichrist + Bound For Glory 2010)





Slot 7 (July 31 2018 + Gold and Black Spandex)





Slot 8 (Stretcher Match vs Matt Hardy, SummerSlam 09, Black & Pink Armbands + Green & Blue Tie Dye)


As you might be able to tell I managed to show his tattoo/skin under the armbands rather than using the in game arm sleeves as a third armband of sort. Also just a little note, the earrings are dark grey and not blue. Changed the color after I took most pics.





Slot 9 (vs Taker 08, WWE Championship Celebration, Dark Red/Grey/Black Armbands + Pink Spandex)




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Surprisingly it only took 2 layers per arm (1 for the CAW item and another for the logo).


Was thinking about doing attires from 2009 and I had WM 25 in mind. While it won't be 100% without the facepaint I think it'll look fine. I was also planning on making attires with just random color armband combinations that he probably wore before.

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Those are the attired I want. Show off the tattoo that's otherwise covered up.

Exactly. I love his tattoo which is why I like those attires.


Arm bands look incredible. Are you happy you dont have to make Jeff this year? Are you planning other attires?

Thank you and yes, very happy I don't have to make him this year haha. And yes, more attires are coming.


Update in 1st post. 4 slots uploaded, hope you guys enjoy!

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Those all look amazing, awesome job on the armbands.


Could you make some TNA Anti Christ Jeff attires?


Would love to see this one






Thank you, appreciate it :happy:


Added a slot of that and his BFG 2010 attire in OP.


Can you also Please Making some Willow attires with Shirts and his Coat

Not saying no for sure but I wasn't planning on any Willow attires.


Great work!

Very bloody good!

Thank you, very appreciated :D


2 slots added in OP. Can only upload one unless I delete one of the other slots, not sure what to do.

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I am working on more attires, another slot should be done and finished within the next few days. Also I think from now on I'll upload 4 attires together.


I have no problem sharing textures, which would you like?


EDIT: Make that within the next few hours, Slot 8 uploaded and added to OP.

Also I'd just like to point out that while many probably don't play 2K18 anymore and are looking towards the next game, I'll be making most if not all these attires in the next game. Unless they include his armbands in the game as a CAW part, then there wouldn't be much point :lol:
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The textures I wanted were like the red armbands, and the black and pink ones. Your attires are really good I always look forward to downloading them its a few im looking for in particular like when he faced undertaker in 09 & he had the black armbands with the black kid armands under it & like red gray and black combo when he faught triple h

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Here's a link for those armbands. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dv293itfoqn76h4/AABNt9vP4igparQYkJBXvtFua?dl=0


I'll work on the attire vs Taker but I'm not entirely certain which attire you're referring to against Triple H, do you have a reference picture?

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