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WWE 2K18 Nightmare Frontier Womens League Tournament


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Well, the first tournament went so well that as I mentioned in its thread, I've decided to do a second tournament for women superstars.

A couple small changes from the first tournament, this time around I will be boosting submission defences to their highest along side pin resistance, to avoid the early sub wins we had in the first tournament and ensure longer matches consistently.

ALSO, this time, everyone can feel free to enter 2 caws right from the get-go, and if we happen to break past 16 then I'll just push the tournament to 32, accept thirds, and split the tournament into two blocks.

I'll be entering one caw of my own to start and will enter a second only if we have trouble hitting the 16 limit.





  1. "The Canadian Hypernova" Samantha Coleman by G.M.P *
  2. Brianna by X-Zero *
  3. Kokoro by X-Zero *
  4. Amy Sutter by MaskedLemon *
  5. Whitney Williamson by MaskedLemon *
  6. Tokyo Jenn by Vinsmoker *
  7. Shannon Bourgeau by Vinsmoker *
  8. Tasha Steelz by Original Peoples Champion *
  9. Crystal Xander by Counting Lights *
  10. Lee by BrokeBottle *
  11. Gabriella by BrokeBottle *
  12. Isis by Bushy *
  13. Izy by Aqfitz *
  14. I-Akira by Aqfitz *
  15. "The Yakuza Princess" Holly Jade by Doctor Fumbles *
  16. "The Widow Queen" Eliza Black by Doctor Fumbles *
  17. Ruby Storm by BlInd_Monkey1989 *
  18. Roxanne by BlInd_Monkey1989 *
  19. Sierra Andrada by G.M.P *
  20. Evelyn Barnes by NegativeCreep *
  21. Maggie "The Mantis" Marcaeu by MaskedLemon *
  22. Rachel Romero by Dr. Fumbles *
  23. "The Warrior Princess" Amaya Urena by Saturi *
  24. Sapphire Storm by Blind_Monkey1989 *
  25. "The High Queen" Arora by Vinsmoker *
  26. May Motoda by Saturi *
  27. "The Girl Dynamite" Amanda Wilson by Saturi *
  28. Jet Rose by MikeM
  29. Violet Rose by MikeM
  30. Jade by X-Zero *
  31. Foxglove *
  32. Selina Stone *

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Aw shit, I guess I'm gonna have to make a female caw for this...

It's too bad the games don't allow for intergender matches, I'd definitely do a tournament where either is welcome.

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You can put "DaArtist1239" down. Is there a attributes rule for this?


Just try to be in the range of 87 to 93. Also once I DL your caws I will be boosting its pin resistance and sub resistances to max. Am I putting you down for one caw or two?

I have yet to create an original CAW in 2K18 yet, much less a female CAW... do you have a deadline in mind for the entries into your tournament?


Not a hard deadline but I had the slots for the last tournament filled up in a couple weeks so..

I want in what do i need to do?


All you need to do my friend is ensure your female caws stats are in order, upload them, tell me their tags so I can DL them. I also need to know if you're entering 1 or 2 caws.

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Entrance theme for Amy Sutter is Gimme Chocolate by Babymetal. Music starts once the Magic Monster pyro hits. Youll know when you see the etrance. I put her stats at 93, and then boosted the submission defense and pin escape like you said.


Ill get to work on a second wrestler.

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