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Dr. Fumbles

Dr. Fumbles OC Showcase (PS4 version)

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So it looks we are porting people; gonna try to get in as many as we can. Most of their previews are up from the PC thread. http://caws.ws/forum/topic/478260-dr-fumbles-oc-showcase/

Fair warning: some body parameters and logo placements may be off a bit. Anyway these 4 are currently up. HASHTAG: akira19


Jenna Jordan (fun-loving perky gal, babyface)- Green Bay, Wisconsin

Striker, Technician, and High Flyer

Finisher: "Jenna-Cide" (Phoenix Splash)



"The Paragon of Perfection" Petra Gladwin (supermodel/actress turned wrestler) Hollywood, CA

Showman, and high-flyer

Finisher: "The Close-Up" (code-breaker)



"The Queen of Pristine" Veronica Price (Snobby, uptight, rich Noblewoman.) Seasonal Residences

showman, dirty,

Finisher: "Dessous De moi" - Beneath me - (butterfly lungblower)



"The French Fashionista" Vivian Rose - (Very runway model -esque, detests ugly things) Paris, France

Showman, submission, dirty

Finisher: "Haute Couture" (Belly to back facebuster)



Nora Perez and Rachel Romero should follow today or tomorrow.

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OMFG! Dr,Fumbles is back on PS4! Our legacy can come back

Welcome back dude! Been waiting for ya! Not sure what will you uploading after the 1st batch but there was a CAW that I want from ya but can't remember what it was but once I find out who it is, I'll let you know!

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Superb work Fumbles my man.

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Thanks guys; will push some people requested, up ahead of time.

Nora and her sister Zara


"The Latina Sensation" Nora Perez (typical spicy Latina) - Costa Rica

Showman, technician, and high-flyer

Finisher: " Crimson Star" ( Shooting star press), "Red Rose" (Straight-jacket neckbreaker)



"The exotic enchantress" Zara (Arabian Ninja Princess? Lotta mystique) - Persia

High flyer, submission

Finisher:" Sultan's curse" (billy goat curse)


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Yeeeees! Fumbles is back, And as JR would say, business has damn sure picked up!


Great looking work man, as always. Hope Nora in particular stays up a while as I'm away for a few days!

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Welcome back to the PS4 community! Great stuff as always!


I can't wait for Lisa Barnes if you are converting her. She turned out dope from what I seen in your PC thread

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Belle is up and Romero will follow soon. Gonna prolly just post the previews here and do this request style; forgot how long these take. Lisa and Miguel should be up (maybe Sunday)


"The barbaric babe" Belle Ramsland (Norwegian powerhouse gal)- Oslo, Norway

power style, brawler, showman

Finisher: Tiger-bomb



"The Anarchist" Rachel Romero - (Extremely punkish rebel, who loves brawling) - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Brawler, Powerhouse

Finisher:" Riot Starter" (Knee trembler)



"The Go-getter" Lisa Barnes (Very sporty and hip; a bit of a trend-setter) - Chicago, IL

showman, technician

Finisher: Barne-Burner (sit-out spinebuster)


"The graffiti guru" Miguel Vargas (urban youth delinquent, bit of a daredevil) - Madrid, Spain

High-flyer, showman, striker

Finisher: Street Smarts (450 splash)


"Deadpan" Demi Walker (snarky Indie Rocker) - Augusta, Maine

Techinician, Showman

Finisher:" Best kept secret " (air raid siren/white noise)


Sir William Hambright (Quintessential British "gentleman", considerably underhanded) - Chelsea, England

Dirty, technician, striker

Finisher: "Bloody Marvelous" (Snapmare driver)


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I have just been and had a look through your PC thread - some amazing work. If you are taking requests then the following chaps would be much appreciated: Lumir, Roen Mackie and Miguel Vargas.

Thanks in advance!

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Eliza is up now, Jodi should follow later today.

"The widow-queen" Eliza Black (callous, manipulator-type heel) -Aurora, Colorado

technician, submission, roughhousing

Finisher: "Widow's Bite" (reverse swinging neckbreaker)



"The Queen of Mean" Jodi Quinn-(typical Irish lass brawler; very stiff in-ring style) Dublin, Ireland

brawler, hardcore, submission expert

Finisher: "Problem-solver" (one and only)


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