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Rob Of Ages

Steve Blackman Moveset [PS4] (Updated with Full Moveset in OP)

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I downloaded a Steve Blackman CAW on Community Creations by someone named D_Rest90 and it lacked a moveset, so I created one for him and made a little showcase video with some of his moves.

You can find the moveset on Community Creations under the tags "Rob of Ages", "Steve Blackman", and "Attitude". Hope all two people who will ever use this enjoy lol

And I'm aware of the voiceover being jank for some reason. No idea why Vegas wouldn't render it clearly.

EDIT: I meant to get this done much sooner, but working through both holidays in December between two jobs- one old, one new, ate up all of my free time for about 3 weeks. I have one monitor/TV that my PC and my PS4 share, and no desk, so I had to write all this sh*t out by hand.

For anybody who wants to port this to Xbox One, PC, or Switch (god forbid) here is the full moveset. I got one request for it in the comments of the video so I figured I'd get on that. I created a blank version of this template too, if anybody wants me to post it. I've made a few small changes to the original, so I'll be re-uploading this shortly.


Warmup: Intense Stare 1, Intense Stare 2, Turnbuckle Lean 3, Rope Check 3, Shadowboxing 1
Champion: Champion 1
Challenger: Challenger 10, Challenger 15

Standard Actions
To/From Floor: Normal Ring In 1, Roll Down Ring Out
To/From Apron: Normal Ring In 2, Normal Ring Out 2
Top Rope Climb: Slow Rope Climb, Slow Rope Rear Climb

Close Range Strikes: Close-Range Back Elbow
Strikes: backhand Chop 1, Keylock Combo 3, Triple H Punch 3, Low Kick 2, Right Kick
Strike Combo: Backhand Chop 1, Triple H Punch 2, KO Gut Kick¹, Spinning Sole Kick 4
Strong Strikes (Front): Sole Kick, Spinning Leg Lariat 2, Spinning Leg Lariat 1, Spinning Backfist 1², Clothesline 9
Strong Strikes (Rear): Rear Clothesline, Chop Block 2
Running Strikes (Front): Clothesline 23*, Jumping Knee Strike 2
Running Strikes (Rear): Enzu Lariat 2, Rear Superkick
Kick Reversal: Leg Caught Spin Kick, Leg Caught Dragon Screw, Single Leg Boston Crab, Enzuigiri Reversal 3

Front Facelock: Knee Strike 1, Scoop Slam 8*, Side Headlock Takeover, Back Side Slam 2, Snap Suplex 3*
Limb Target: Saito Suplex³, Wrist Clutch Armbreaker, Arm Wrench / Armbreaker 2, Repeating Low Kick
Medium Grapples (Front): Wrist Clutch Suplex, Butterfly Suplex 4, Sidewalk Slam 3, Pendulum Backbreaker
Medium Grapples (Rear): Russian Leg Sweep 1, Back Suplex 6, Backbreaker Drop, Release Back Suplex
Strong Grapples (Front): Belly-to-Belly 3, Overhead Belly-to-Belly 2, DDT 14, Alabama Slam 1
Strong Grapples (Rear): German Suplex 2, Back Supklex 8, STO 2*, Inverted Backbreaker
Running Grapples (Front): Bulldog 2, Leg Trip & Mounted Punches
Running Grapples (Rear): Russian Leg Sweep 1, German Suplex 2

Grapples: Head Scissors Elbow 2, Armbar Stretch, Leg Snap
Limb Target: Ground Punch 1, Spinning Armbreaker, Heel Hook Stretch
Strong Strikes (Face Up): Soccerball Kick 1, Mounted Punches 5, Hamstring Crusher
Strong Strikes (Face Down): Rapid Knee Strikes, Step Kick 3, Knee Stomp 2
Kneeling: Right Forearm Club, Big Boot 3, Knee Attack, Hip Toss / Armbreaker, Reverse Mat Slam 2
Seated: Elbow Drop 11, Seated Knee Attack, Seated Running Dropkick, Seated Suplex, Head Scissor Elbow 2
Running Strikes: Running Leg Drop, Double Axe Handle 3, Double Axe Handle 3

Stunned Against Rope: Backhand Strike, Strikes / Clothesline Combo, Rope Clothesline, Back Suplex 7, Slingshot Decapitator
Stunned Against Middle Rope: Rope Hung Dropkick

Front Facelock: Grounded Headlock 2, Leg Sweep Octopus Stretch
Ground: Fujiwara Armbar 3? , Bow & Arrow, Muta Lock
Seated: Seated Abdominal Stretch

Irish Whip
Rebound Actions: Drop Down, None
Rebound Attacks: Superkick 10, Tilt-A-Whirl Gourdbuster*, Rib Buster
Pull-Back Attacks: Pull-Back Knee Strike, Pull-Back Spinebuster

Opp. In Ring: Hotshot 1
Opp. Ringside: Double Axe Handle 11, Apron Forearm Smash, Apron Elbow Drop 3
Opp. On Apron (Front): Apron Suplex 2, Cut Down, Running Elbow Strike
Opp. On Apron (Rear): Apron Slam, Pull Down 2
Under Bottom Rope: Apron Elbow Drop, Apron Mat Slam 1*

Stunned (Front): Knife Edge Chop 4, Kick 3, Turnbuckle Clothesline, Corner Trapped Kicks 3, Corner Trapped Knee Lifts 3, Running Bulldog 2, Overhead Belly-to-Belly 7*
Stunned (Rear): Overhand Punch 2, Clothesline 10, Toss Into Ringpost, Rebound Suplex
Top Rope (Front): Punch To Head 2, Corner Enzuigiri 1, Superplex 1, DDT 13?, Deadly Drive
Top Rope (Rear): Tornado Bomb, Avalanche Side Slam
Seated: Drifter Stomps*, Running Knee Strike 1, Alley-Oop 2
Tree of Woe: Kick to Gut, Running Knee Lift 5, Foot Choke 2

Vs. Standing Opp.: Missile Dropkick 1, Diving Thrust Kick?, Middle Rope Missile Dropkick, Diving Thrust Kick
Vs. Downed Opp.: Diving Elbow Drop 11*, Diving Elbow Drop 3, Middle Rope Headbutt 3*, Diving Elbow Drop 11*

To Ring: None to All
To Ringside: Slingshot Crossbody, Baseball Slide, None, None, None, None
To Corner: None

Tag Team
Front Facelock: Double DDT, Double Russian Leg Sweep, Double Backbreaker, Double Suplex
Corner: Low Kick 1, Pinioning Body Blow, Wishbone, Total Elimination
Tag Team Finisher: None

Weight Detection
Front Facelock: Wrestling Takedown 1
Limb Target: Neckbreaker 12, Shoulder Breaker 2, Repeating Low Kick
Medium Grapples: Arm Wrench / Armbreaker 1, Oscar 1
Strong Grapples: DDT 14, Jumping Neckbreaker 1
Corner Grapples: Leaping Head Kick, Toss Into Post
Top Rope Grapples: DDT 13, Tornado Bomb
Stunned Against Rope: Slingshot Decapitator
Apron Grapples: Hotshot 3, Apron Snapmare
Running Grapples: Bulldog 2, One-handed Bulldog 3
Rope Rebound: Elbow & Backnuckle
Pull-Back Attacks: Pull-Back Hip Toss

Special Moves
Signatures: Bicycle Kick 1, Snap Powerslam, Bicycle Kick 1, Brogue Kick
Finishers: Dragon Sleeper 5*, Triangle Hold, Dragon Sleeper 5*, Triangle Hold*
OMG!: None, None, None, Brogue Kick, None
Comeback: High Flyer Comeback
Leverage Pin: La Magistral*, Crucifix 2
Royal Rumble: Superkick 12, Clothesline 20, Bicycle Kick 2, Clothesline 19
Ladder: Forearm Smash 9, Powerful Punch, Ladder Smash 1, None, None
Table: Side Slam 2, Snake Eyes 4, Superplex 3, Scoop Slam 7, Powerbomb 6, Powerslam 6, German Suplex 7
Cell: Stage Toss
Stage: Stage Toss
Semi-Trailer: None
Barricade: Head Slam, Whipped into Barricade

Standing (To Crowd): Super Samoan 1, Crowd Approval 12, Dean Ambrose 2, None, Super Samoan 1
Top Rope (To Crowd): Game Over 16, None, Game OVer 16
Middle Rope (To Crowd): Arms Spread 2, Arms Spread 12, Arms Spread 2
Apron (To Crowd): Arms Spread 4, None, Arms Spread 4, Arms Spread 6, None, Arms Spread 6
Near Corner (To Crowd): Arms Spread 7, None, Arms Spread 7
Standing (To Opp.): Boxer 1, Wake Up 23, Nexus 5, Knug Fu, Nexus 5
Ground (To Opp.): Undefeated 3, Game Over 10, None, None, Dean Ambrose 2
Top Rope (To Opp.): Wake Up 7, None, Wake Up 7
Middle Rope (To Opp.): Game Over 4, None, Game Over 4
Apron (To Opp.): Arms Spread 4, None, Arms Spread 4
Near Corner (To Opp.): Bring It On 7, None, Bring It On 7
Wake Up: Nexus 5, Wake Up 14, Wake Up 9, Wake up 10, Wake Up 18, Wake Up 33

Arm Power: 72
Leg Power: 83
Grapple Offense: 69
Running Offense: 79
Aerial Offense: 80
Aerial Range: 65
Springboard Offense: 59
Power Submission Offense: 40
Technical Submission Offense: 84
Environmental Offense: 83
Foreign Object Offense: 85
Reversal Offense: 75
Reversal: 70
Strike Reversal: 80
Grapple Reversal: 70
Aerial Reversal: 56
Head Durability: 65
Body Durability: 65
Arm Durability: 65
Leg Durability: 65
Damage Recovery: 70
Power Submission Defense: 70
Technical Submission Defense: 76
Pin Escape: 70
Strength: 80
Stamina: 74
Stamina Recovery: 65
Momentum: 70
Agility: 66
Move Speed: 72
Strike Speed: 81
Grapple Speed: 75
Chain Wrestling: 70
Chain Wrestling Speed: 70
Mic Performance: 62

Basic Action: Combo Striker, Second Finisher, Top Rope Diver, Springboard Diver, Leverage Pin, Hammer Throw
Special Match Action: Table Finisher, Royal Rumble Finisher, Truss Daredevil
Special Action: Comeback, Ring Toss Out, Van Daminator
OMG! Moment: Barricade Breaker, Skull Crushing Big Boot, Catching Finisher, Locker Superkick Combo, Office Table DDT, Breaker Box Spear, TV Monitor Spear, Ladder Bridge Powerbomb

Abilities: Pin Combo Lvl. 2, Ring Escape Lvl. 2, Technician Lvl. 2, Ruthless Aggression Lvl. 2, Fan Favourite Lvl. 1, Brawl Lvl. 1


* - Asterisk denotes DLC; In all situations where DLC was used, it's pretty much purely aesthetic. Only the Tilt-A-Whirl Gourdbuster and Corner Overhead Belly-to-Belly don't have a pre-existing animation.
¹ - KO Gut Kick will end the combo automatically regardless of where it's placed in a strike combo
² - Substitute for his Trashcan Lid Backfist move he did regularly in Hardcore matches.
³ - Substitute for his stick/cane-assisted Low Angle Backdrop
? - Substitute for his Omoplata submission he occasionally won matches with
? - Substitute for the Avalanche DDT he did against Raven
? - Substitute for his Diving Bicycle Kick; also why I made his Aerial Offense stat 80, because on occasion he won matches with that move.

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