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thecarolinabull's Original Creations (Work in Progress)

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Greetings folks.


I decided to do something that is beyond my comfort zone and post my two original CAS females onto the forums.


I was planning to put them on CC this year, but since I only have two slots left and I doubt I'll make it to silver any time soon, I'm a bit hesitant to go that far beyond my comfort zone. However, if I get enough positive feedback, I'll consider it.


So here they are. complete with bios.




Real Name: Sophia Francesca Hedley (formerly Russo; no relation to Vince :D)
Birthdate: June 14, 1991
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Resides: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Billed From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Italian-American
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 114 lb.
Favorite Wrestlers: Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Paige (back when she was Britani Knight)
Debut: 2009
Alignment: Face
Wrestling Style: As a trained gymnast and powerlifter, she primarily wrestles a high-flying style, but also uses a plethora of power moves.
Gimmick: Gothic Anti-Hero who is prone to mood swings, normally sweet and fun loving, but can turn violent and scary when pressed too far.
Signatures: Pumphandle Backbreaker, Flatliner 2
Finishers: Ace of Spades (Sunset Flip Powerbomb 5), Royal Flush (Romero Dragon Sleeper)
Companies: Various Independent Promotions (2009-2010), TNA (2011-2013). WWE (NXT: 2013-2014; Main Roster 2015-)
First Game I Created Her In: WWE '12
Influences in her creation: Ace (from Justice League), Talim (SoulCalibur), Michael Jackson, Alexa Bliss.
Bio: Sophia Russo was born in Florence, Italy to Antonio and Gina Russo, co-owners of a LaMonaco family Vineyards (The owner being Antonio's half-brother, Fernando LaMonaco, Angel's father). Nicknamed "Ace" due to her skill at card games, she entered into some Poker tournaments and won them all, using the prize money to move to America with her cousin and train to become a professional wrestler, Angel, being too concerned for her younger cousin's (there's a 13 year age-gap between Angel and Ace) well-being is reluctant to train her but finally agrees. Realizing that Ace is progressing far faster than she did in training, Angel succumbs to jealousy (she's been wrestling for eleven years at this point and was recently fired from WWE Developmental for being too old and injury prone) and tries to sabotage her career by setting her up for a match only three months into her training (and telling the opponent to stiff her as much as possible), causing Ace to get injured and the match to be ruined. After discovering what happened, the two had a falling out and Ace went to train elsewhere and wrestled in the indies. The two reconcile two years later and Ace joined her cousin in TNA. She was not well-received by the TNA fanbase, receiving X-Pac Heat for her cookie cutter-babyface persona. After Angel's husband and stepchildren die in a car accident, Angel decides to put her cousin over before retiring, Ace turns heel and adopts a goth persona, defeating her cousin in a brutal hardcore match. Being offered a deal from WWE Ace leaves TNA after her TNA contract expires and signs with NXT, keeping her ring name and gimmick.
Real Name: Angelina Stefani Julietta LaMonaco
Birthdate: February 5, 1978
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Resides: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Billed From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ethnicity: Multi-Ethnic
Nationality: Italian-American
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Weight: 140 lb.
Favorite Wrestlers: "Macho Man" Randy Savage, The Fabulous Moolah
Debut: 1998
Alignment: Face
Wrestling Style: A Jill-Of-All-Trades sort, she can brawl, she can wrestle, she can fly through the air and has power.
Gimmick: Sarcastic, sometimes crude tomboy, but always looks out for those she loves.
Signatures: Chokeslam 8, Wristlock Hurricanrana
Finishers: Diving Elbow Drop 7, Spear 2, Spear 11 (outside)
Companies: Various Independent Promotions (1998-2000), WCW (2000-2001; wrestled dark matches and never appeared on TV before the buyout), Various Independent Promotions (2001-2002), ROH (2002-2006), OVW/FCW (2006-2009) TNA (2009-2012). WWE (2015-)
First Game I Created Her In: SmackDown vs. Raw 2010
Influences in her creation: Christopher Daniels, Randy Savage, Sting, Ashley Massaro, Kaitlyn
Bio: Angelina LaMonaco was born and raised on her parents' vineyard in Florence, Italy. Her mom died of cancer when Angelina was 10 years old and she was stuck living with her abusive, alcoholic, misogynistic father. After her father disowned her, she moved to the US to become a pro wrestler. Despite being a seasoned veteran, Angel always gets her chain yanked as soon as she grabs the bone, with injuries, bad gimmicks and personal demons often getting in the way of her success. After the death of her husband and step children in a car accident, she finally retired from wrestling to pursue acting, until WWE called her and asked her to come back.
Anyway, let me know what you guys think and if you'd be interested in downloading them,

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Very deep bios good job. Only females you have?

Thanks. Once I started using them in Story Designer I had to come up with backgrounds for them. One thing led to another and now I'm writing a story about them.

Yeah, they're the only CAWs I still make, besides Cassandra Cain (one of the Batgirls). I would probably make more if we still had custom music since I had a few more in the seventh gen games that I would use as jobbers.

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Like them a lot, very distinct in their presentation as well.

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Ace looks awesome. I would love her in my universe.

Wonder why it's always Ace that gets all the attention...


Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate it.


Unfortunately I can't upload them right now if I wanted to because the motor in my PS4's disc tray stopped working a few days ago and I can't insert discs into it anymore. I'm trying to get it fixed but it'll probably be a week or two (maybe more) before I do if I can at all.

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Well, I finally got my PS4 fixed a few weeks ago. Sorry I didn't get to upload them, but if I get 2K19 I will take the risk and do it then (I would now, but I think the 2K18 servers are pretty much dead at this point). Since I'm very passionate about these characters I do have more to show.

After thinking about how far along they have come over the years, I decided to make retro attires for them based on their looks from prior games (since I no longer own any of the previous titles and many of the items I used are either no longer available or too impractical to actually wrestle in, I can only approximate their appearances) and explain why I made the changes that I did.

(You may need to view the full size of the images to see all of the details.)



Angel (real name: Angelina Stefani Julietta LaMonaco) is the oldest of the two and my first serious attempt at a female CAW (I made a few before but they were generic Kayfabe sisters of AJ Styles aka. Lame).

SVR 2010


(Ignore the pink attires for now, I'll explain it later. I merged the photos because there is a limit on the amount of images you can post on a single reply and I'm trying to save space)

I first created her in SVR 2010. Back when I was far less creative than I am now, she more or less started off as a generic female version of Christopher Daniels, down to having the Angel's Wings as a finisher.

She started off with long, dyed velvet-red hair, blue eyes, heavy eyeliner, dark black lipstick, pale skin and black nail polish. She wore a black bikini top (changed to a sports bra here), red elbow pads, black wrist tape on her right arm, a black fingerless glove on her left hand, red trunks, black kneepads and white boots. Due to the limitations, I gave her a couple of tattoos to make her look less generic, a cross on her left shoulder and a "tramp stamp" on her lower back (which I since regret giving her, but I'm too attached to it to remove it at this point).

Later on, I changed her look a little bit. I brightened her hair, changed the color of the lipstick to something more natural, changed her eye color from blue to green, tanned her skin, made her more muscular and swapped the colors of her outfit around (though on the retro, I used different items because I think palette swaps are lazy). I also added a mole onto her right cheek (as a tribute to Lady Gaga) as well as an extra tattoo on her right shoulder of a weird fleur-de-lis type logo they had in the game.

I don't remember what her entrance gear looked like or if she even had any at that point, so I improvised.

Wrestling style wise, she was very high-flying oriented. Her signature moves were a chokeslam and a spear. Her finishers were the Angel's Wings (as noted before) and Cena's diving leg drop to the back of the head. Very original, I know.

The character and backstory for her was something I threw together while making a storyline starring her in Create-a-Story. I made her an Italian immigrant who escaped from her abusive father and moved to America to become a pro wrestler for TNA (I have since changed her to an Italian-American, but the rest is still the same). I sucked at coming up with names for characters, so I borrowed some from others. Mark LoMonaco is the real name of Bubba Ray Dudley/Bully Ray and I borrowed his surname for the character. However, in the subtitles, I accidentally misspelled it as "LaMonaco", but rather than correct it, I kept it that way to differentiate her from Bubba. I wanted her first name to be a derivation of "Angel". I first chose "Angelica", but I quickly changed it to "Angelina" because I didn't want Rugrats comparisons. I wasn't intentionally trying to name her after Angelina Love. The "Stefani" came from Lady Gaga (real name, Stefani Germanotta), I don't remember where "Julietta" came from.

SVR 2011-present


(Again, ignore the purple for now)

By the time I got SVR 2011, I felt the need to again change her look to keep her fresh. First thing I did was change her hair color to something less, unnatural. I remember mentioning in my previous story mode that Angel was a natural blonde so I made her hair blond. The attire you see above is not the original attire I had for her, she was originally dressed in black leather from head-to-toe, including a beret and the dark red lipstick that she originally had. When I got the PS3 version of SVR 2011 (I was still on PS2 and didn't get a PS3 until March 2011) I gave her a more colorful look that I don't remember because I kept changing it so much. All I remember is that I switched her from trunks to tights in order to make her look like more of a serious wrestler. I also ditched the elbow pads because it emphasized those strong arms.

While making part two of her story, I had an opponent of hers, mocking her in a promo by bringing up an old embarrassing gimmick that Angelina used in her short-lived WWE career: "Princess" Pamela Jackson aka. the stupidest gimmick I could come up with. Dyed hot-pink hair, gaudy facepaint and attire, complete with a robe and diamond tiara. Rather than let the taunting get to her, Angel temporarily re-donned the persona in and embraced in while defeating said opponent.

The white/aquamarine attire is what she looked like in WWE '12 minus the glitter. The look is obviously inspired by "Macho Man" Randy Savage, which I done as a tribute to him, as he had died around that time. I also altered her moveset in accordance, giving her his Diving Elbow Drop as a finisher. I also ditched the Angel's Wings and gave her the Spear (previously one of her sigs) as her second finisher. I added more power moves to her moveset to coincide with her new muscular body.

In WWE '13, I went in a different direction. I gave her a biker-like look with a black bra, fingerless gloves on both hands and blue jeans, along with some studded armbands and such. This coincided with a shift in her character to an even darker one than before due to the loss of her husband and stepchildren in the storyline I was cooking up for her. I wanted to add pink highlights to her hair, but I am no good with the dye function in this game, unless it's coloring the entire head. I also updated some of her tattoos (added wings around the fleur, a star underneath the tramp stamp and added a new one on her left arm that pays tribute to her deceased family). She and Ace get into a feud around this time, with Angel putting over her cousin before retiring for a few years.

In WWE 2K14, I took inspiration from my Saints Row protagonist (who, in my mind, is an alternate version of the same character) which I have continued to this day. A black and purple color scheme; purple bra with black trim, the fingerless gloves again, black and purple plaid tights, and black boots with purple laces and soles. In her entrance attire, I gave her a black fedora with a purple band and a black jacket. I've updated the look slightly over the years:

*In WWE 2K16, I changed her hair color from blond to black because I think blond hair looks like crap on this gen. I thus retconned her into a natural raven-hair with the blond being dye as well. (Around this time I also got serious about her story and decided to write a screenplay about it that I am in the process of redoing). I also filled in the winged fleur white. By this point, Angel had came out of retirement and came back to WWE, with Ace joining her.

* In WWE 2K17, I added a shooting star-like tattoo on her lower right abdomen, along with logos on the tights.

* In WWE 2K18, I gave her tasseled boots and jacket, adding some glitter to the jacket and fedora. I also created an alternate attire based on her WWE '12 look, giving her her Randy Savage inspired look back in both.


Ace (real name Sophia Francesca Russo) was not originally a serious CAW, but it's funny how things turn out.

WWE '12-'13


Ace debuted about two years after Angel in WWE '12. She was originally a CAW of the character Ace from Justice League and I did a fairly decent job of matching it at the time (the version I made in '18 looks little like my original). Short black bobcut, heavy black eyeliner, black lipstick, pale skin and eerie eyes. I couldn't get the attire right, so I just improvised and gave her a white bandeau with black trim, white gloves with black decor, white trunks with black trim, fishnets and black stilettos (changed to wrestling boots her because I now realize that wrestling in stilettos is pretty much impossible. I also added kneepads since wrestling without them is dumb). Entrance gear adds a black vest and black fedora with a white band (don't know why I'm so fascinated by fedoras) I gave her a red palette swap as an alt., though I colored it hot pink here because the red looked horrible.

Like Angel, I also gave Ace some tattoos, a four-of-a-kind Aces playing cards on her right shoulder and an eagle on her upper back. Moveset-wise, I tried to make her as different from Angel as possible. I had just switched Angel over to a power-based moveset with some high-flying, so I made primarily a high-flyer with some power moves and submissions. Her finishers were the Ace of Spades (the Canadian Destroyer, later changed to a Sunset Flip Powerbomb) and the Royal Flush (the Romero Special, later changed to the Romero Dragon Sleeper).

Somewhere along the line I decided to make my Ace a separate entity from the Justice League character, by making her Angel's much younger first cousin and giving her a real name and backstory as well. I wanted her to be more of a foil to Angel so I tried to make them different in as many ways as I could. I called her "Sophia", the most cliche Italian name I could think of. And "Russo", well...I wasn't even thinking of Vince Russo when I named her that (I had only recently heard of him at that point and "Russo" is one of the most common Italian names and by pure dumb luck, fits her) then I realized what I had done and I kept it anyway and decided to make her name a sore spot for her and that she is called "Ace' (her childhood nickname) by everyone including her parents, with her flying into a rage if addressed by her birth name, both in and out of Kayfabe.

I continued to evolve her in WWE '13. I gave her longer hair and toned down the makeup. I ditched the card-theme entirely and gave her a biker-themed look to match Angel, since I was tag-teaming with them a lot at the time. The tattoo you see on her left arm was not on my original version, but the tattoo that was there is no longer in the game and I thought it sucked anyway so I just retconned it onto this version. The original also had pigtails instead of a ponytail and while there is a pigtail-hairstyle in this game, the hairline is too low so I went with this ponytail instead.

I made even more alterations in WWE 2K14, making her hair longer and adding blue highlights, blue eyeliner and lipstick and giving her "sexy cop" fetish attire. I'm kind of ashamed of this one, but I didn't want to leave it out since I feel it was an important step in what she's become today. The version I have now is more modest than the original. For one, I added a sports bra under the shirt since a shirt like that likely wouldn't survive a wrestling match (then again, neither would the strapless corset that the biker Ace is wearing), so she needs a backup. Like the WWE '12 retros, the original lacked kneepads and wore stilettos.

Storyline reasons behind the change is that Ace has betrayed Angel turned heel and adopted a very narcissistic hypersexualized character in order to escape her cousin's shadow. Angel puts her over and Ace becomes a true star. There are other motives, but I'm not going to reveal too much detail about it in case someone decides to steal my ideas.

WWE 2K16-present


Shortly after Angel retires, Ace leaves TNA and joins NXT. The first two attires in the image above were never used in previous games and are transitional attires I made that bridge her past looks and current look together. Though the street clothes one is something I was toying with in 14.

By the time I got WWE 2K16, I was well-into Renegade Angel (the name of my screenplay, now teleplay, based on all this) and I realized that I needed to ditch all remaining aspects of the Justice League Ace, since if by a miracle, this does actually become something, I might get slapped with a lawsuit. I figured I could keep the name "Ace" as long as I changed her appearance into something totally different. The first thing to do was to get rid of the black hair and makeup. In my mind, the black hair was always a dye-job so changing that was no problem. I originally meant to color it brown, but in another happy accident, I ended up over-saturating it and it became red. I liked the red, so I kept it, albeit changing it to a more natural looking auburn shade. I went with a curly hairstyle as a tribute to Michael Jackson, toned down the eyeliner and went for a more muted lipstick. My idea is that Ace and Angel both grew tired of all the hair dying and heavy makeup and all that crap and just reverted to a more natural look.

Attire-wise I went with an outfit similar to her original WWE '12 attire, albeit a more modest (a cleavage-covering halter instead of the bandeau) and practical (kneepads and wrestling boots) version. Entrance gear-wise, I kept the leather vests, but I gave her a blue beanie cap, which I later changed to the giant top hat as I realized that the beanie would squish her curls flat. I also added the Bret Hart WCW round sunglasses because I thought they suited her well. This year, I created the black and green alternate, which took a while to lay out.

Well that's the long convoluted story of my CAWs.

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