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Complete Texture Encyclopedia (17 Games, 400+ Wrestlers, Thousands of Textures)


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Could I get whichever one of the revival has body tattoos (the body), Paige, Charlotte, Becky, Lana, Lars & Beth please. Thanks for your help as I have been doing some cool stuff with the textures. Also if Jericho has any ink on his, as I am using last years and forget if he added any new ink to his sleeve, please throw him in too. Also can you check and see if all of goldberg's hidden skull tattoo is there, as in the past games it was only half way in as they only added the part you could see above the elbow pad he wears.

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that does not suprise me, also thanks to you and your help, my Baron Corbin CAW looks accurate, as I was able to edit the skin and his hair line so I can pick any sort of hair with the CAW and it looks natural which is also really amusing when you try diffrent styles on various people.

your also right about y2j and also I do thank you for all of your work, it is appreciated :)

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