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Complete Texture Encyclopedia (17 Games, 400+ Wrestlers, Thousands of Textures)


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Request granted. Also I was able to get a hold of the DLC pac files, I am now able to rip the textures from those. Thanks from the uploaded of the vanilla files in the other board. Click on the image for HQ copy.


Aleister Black






Billie Kay






Johnny Gargano






Kurt Angle 01







Kurt Angle 06






Nikki Cross






Peyton Royce






Ruby Riott





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Any chance I could get Black's outfit, Ruby's outfit (their entrance attires) and Drews (face & entrance attire) also Angle & Roode's attires. And finally, Elias. Thats it.


Thanks for your help though !I have already done my hoodoo and gotten some great tattoos off of black, riott and angle's eagle. A better one than I had from previous games.


Thanks though. It is appreciated.

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I hope you are ok with .dds files. The original untouched HQ file from the game.

If you don't know how to open it. Just install the DDS plugin (link provided) for Photoshop and you are all set.


Enjoy the textures of:

Aleister Black

Drew Mcintyre


Kurt Angle 01/06

Ruby Riott




DDS Plugin for photoshop




PS: Any request will be gladly fulfilled during my free time. BTW credit to the original uploader of the vanilla DLC PAC files from the other forum.

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DDS files im ok with, I have a converter :)

and thanks ! im good to go now, also let me know how hardy's tattoo went, as it looked like it would be tough to snag from. If you ever do eric young,sawyer fulton,ivy, jackie (face and body) or Strong's (face and body) as im interested in the tattoos from the first 2, let me know, also Ruby's tights do not work.

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I have noticed this, it is a pain in the ass to an extent to make the sleeve tattoos to an extent, well to get them to work and look right. and thanks.

Looking at Jeff's tattoo, it might take some effort if you want to use it, as far as the neck one goes, but his arm and the other ones should be easy to cut out. Also would it be possible to get taker's ?, as I think I can possibly edit the one where he just had the bottom goatee like I did with punk into being a "clean shaven" one.



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Yup it really is pain in the a$$ to use some of the tattoos, especially sleeves tats and tats continuing to the head/neck since it is wrapped around the model in a different angle. It is not just straight up flat. That's why I had a hard time using some of the tats in game mods that I do. But spending a lot of time and effort could certainly get the results you need.


Here is Undertaker's texture. BTW I could now extract all WWE 2K18 wrestler textures since I have all the files needed.



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For the full sleeve's like Takers and such, I "cut" the tattoos out freehanding it. The smaller designs are ALOT easier, as I use Paint Shop Pro, while it is not photoshop, you can do the same stuff, just diffrent methods.

Thanks for Taker. Im gonna see what I can do with his Ministry look where he just had the bottom goatee only.

Which taker is this one by the way ?


Could I also get Thorne's too as I remembered he had some cool tattoos.

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Oh that's cool, I became accustomed with Photoshop since it's the first photo editing program I used when I did mods in the past games. That's why I did not try any other programs.


The Taker texture is the current one. I added the ministry one with the beard only with the Shane Thorne Texture below.

And I agree with you Thorne does have some pretty simple and cool tattoos.




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